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Global Telco Consult’s TCR Report

Global Telco Consult’s TCR (The Campaign Registry) report exists, and can be downloaded here. Remember this is an analyst report, its written for the client: TCR and Kaleyra (now Tata Communications). The ‘Rock Stars’ comment is an example of how the team must be spun in a good light despite all the challenges, this was […]

TCR: Responsibility without Control

TCR (The Campaign Registry, US) Filing to the FCC, Feb 7th 2024 In reviewing FCC filings, TCR made one on February 7, 2024;  after it met with the FCC on February 5, 2024. The quote below from the document is the most relevant and critically confirms what we’ve been saying since last year about […]

Was the FCC Lied to? What the FCC was told on SMS spam.

I was reviewing the replies to FCC’s Targeting and Eliminating Unlawful Text Messages, CG Docket No. 21-402 published in 2022. You can see all of the replies here. Some that drew my attention are listed below. The Campaign Registry (TCR) Reply.  Before we begin: The FCC document is about “Targeting and Eliminating Unlawful Text Messages.” […]

When Power goes Unchecked: The Telecom Triopoly

Background The next chapter of our messaging monopolies series is about as typical as any story of unchecked greed and power can be. Unlike the tragedy of the small business victim in the Messaging Monopolies post, Jenny’s Construction & Design Services (Jenny’s), who’d successfully led a business category for one decade. But couldn’t compete with […]

Call for Sponsors and Partners, TADHack Open 2024, 23/24 March, weekend before EC24

TADHack is the largest global hackathon focused on programmable communications / telecoms since 2014. Consistency and credibility are key to TADHack’s continued success and large following. In addition to our no-BS approach, we stand up for developers and innovators, check out the TADSummit Podcast, and Alan Quayle’s blog. This credibility is unmatched, see all the […]

Messaging Monopolies Simplified

Responding to several reader requests, this post is a simplified version of the original Messaging Monopolies, with more background explanations, a few analogies, and less assumptions made on the readers’ detailed knowledge of the US SMS industry. It is longer, but I hope makes things a little clearer. In the Appendix we walk through a […]

Major William Peters, Plaintiff, versus Kaleyra, Defendant. Part 1

It’s great the complaint Case 1:23-cv-01051-UNA Document 1 Filed 09/26/23 (+civil cover sheet) is now out in the open, I just received a copy from Bill, there is so much in it. Let’s break it down piece by piece. Remember this is sworn testimony from Bill, if any of it proves false, that’s perjury and […]

Response to Rich Eicher’s Comment on “The Campaign Registry and Foreign Ownership” Linkedin Post Part 1

Hi Rich, thanks so much for your comments, this is exactly what we want, open discussion. Starting with your first comment: Rich Eicher: “The Campaign Registry alone decides whether a political campaign’s text message is appropriate to send to your mobile phone.” – FALSE!” As far as I am aware there are no other options […]

Messaging Monopolies

Subtitle: US #SMSspam club’s EBITDA is $2.4B The motivation to create this post came in part from a post by James Crawshaw of Omdia on the movie, “The Network”. James referred to the monopolies in America, and how AT&T was broken up and then put together again by bankers with the exception of Verizon (Bell […]

Understanding TCR and Kaleyra Part 2

Thank you to everyone who has let me interview them and view extensive documentation. I’m attempting to take a mountain of information into a few bite-sized chunks. This is part 2 of a 2 part weblog focused on understanding TCR and Kaleyra. What kicked this off was the post The Campaign Registry and Foreign Ownership: […]