What’s the plan?

Quite a few people are asking me, what’s the plan? TADSummit has caused a stir on a number of fronts by holding a few organizations / individuals accountable for what they say and do, using publicly available documents and information. There are no fictions in the work, only facts and solid analysis. If someone claims they can not tell facts from fictions in the analysis, it is simply a lazy attempt to discredit the work.

The plan

  1. Demonstrate the current lack of accountability of a few people / corporations / industry bodies for their claims.
  2. Explain how the undue reverence afforded to these few people / corporations / industry bodies is part of the problem. Hence the irreverence Johnny displays to them.
  3. We are independent ‘little people’ highlighting accountability by explaining how the current reality and poor telecoms experience has come about through nonsense claims.

Why does it matter?

By NOT holding a few organizations accountable some of the problems we face are:

  1. Wholesale spamming and robocalling, the crapification of the PSTN.
  2. TCR (The Campaign Registry) is not stopping SMS spam and leaving brands, CSPs (Campaign Service Providers), UCaaS (Unified Communications providers), CCaaS (Contact Center providers), and enterprises frustrated. Yet, oo one is held accountable.
  3. Decline in international A2P SMS through fraud and a vicious circle between lower volumes and higher prices.
  4. 5G. Many independent experts pointed out years ago, 4G is good enough. Here we are today with carriers and vendors feeling the crunch as hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent for no significant new revenues. Most of the fixed 5G internet revenues are substitutive of existing DSL and cable internet revenues.
  5. OneAPI’s failure was swept under the carpet, the learnings could not be applied to the current network API fashion. 

I could list many more examples, the root cause is lack of accountability. A few corporations and industry bodies can say nonsense, the nonsense is treated with reverence, ‘they must understand what they are talking about’. Why is no one held accountable when the reality becomes apparent? Note, corporations sponsor the industry bodies, and they reinforce the nonsense.

I had someone I’ve known for a couple of decades point out there’s 2 sides to every story, when the MEF treated Puja Amin poorly, I summarized the treatment here. The person’s reaction when I shared the facts of the case was to go quiet, like a few individuals at the MEF. We are all held accountable for our actions everyday, yet a few seem to dodge that responsibility.

Why have you made it a mission?

  1. Logical fallacies. I’ve been shocked that my analysis, backed by data, is treated as equivalent to corporate spin hurling false accusations with no data to back up the positions.
  2. Intimidation. I had people hammering on my front door at 8PM on a Saturday to serve a subpoena to attend Bill Peters arbitration (this is a fact, not a fiction). I didn’t know Bill when he was employed by Kaleyra, hence, I am irrelevant to the employment arbitration. What is happening to my family is abuse funded by Tata Communications, and no one is held accountable.
  3. The gradual shift to repeating nonsense has become egregious. About one decade ago a non-western client asked me to present an inspirational keynote. At the event a presentation filled with nonsense was given to me. I refused, pointing to my body of work on the topic. They accepted the reality of the situation, as all I have is my reputation. Recently, a western vendor ask me to endorse something I’ve previously debunked.
  4. Bill Peters remains buried under legal proceedings for doing his job. He was framed for a cyber crime that was easily disproved. If corporations think they can abuse the father of SMS in the US, what hope is there for the rest of us? No industry bodies came to Bill’s defense, TADSummit did. Remember that when all the legal proceedings are over. Tata is now looking to sell TCR, and the VON coalition is asking the FCC to replace TCR. We all can make a difference by holding a few people accountable.
  5. Puja Amin’s treatment is shocking, I’ve seen victim blaming by a few people in the industry, they assume our industry would never behave in such ways. This is true of our industry in general, however, a few individuals would.

I apologize if holding a few people, corporations, industry bodies accountable makes you feel uncomfortable. The hard work is generating results and making our industry better, more accountable. Please support TADSummit / TADHack.

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