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Response to Rich Eicher’s Comment on “The Campaign Registry and Foreign Ownership” Linkedin Post Part 1

Hi Rich, thanks so much for your comments, this is exactly what we want, open discussion. Starting with your first comment: Rich Eicher: “The Campaign Registry alone decides whether a political campaign’s text message is appropriate to send to your mobile phone.” – FALSE!” As far as I am aware there are no other options […]

Messaging Monopolies

Subtitle: US #SMSspam club’s EBITDA is $2.4B The motivation to create this post came in part from a post by James Crawshaw of Omdia on the movie, “The Network”. James referred to the monopolies in America, and how AT&T was broken up and then put together again by bankers with the exception of Verizon (Bell […]

TADSummit Podcast Episode 1

On our first TADSummit podcast we focus on STROLID and their CTO Thomas Howe. We introduce Giovanni (Johnny) Tarone, and the important role he will play in bringing investors to the TADS community and extending the no BS policy more broadly across the industry, as we fight for the programmable communications / telecoms industry. All […]