Monthly Archives: September 2010

The Litany of Excuses Stifling Communication Innovation Part 1

Discussed in the previous article is the fact that as an industry we’re not innovating on our core service: communication.  I hear a litany of excuses as to why communication innovation has stopped, I show below a sample for your amusement and frustration.  In the next articles I’ll go through how those excuses can be […]

Missing the Point – Focus on Being Good at Communications

I was thinking the other day how little I now use my phone for day-to-day communications, and then started to think, why is that? To start with operators have been rather unsuccessful with their communication VAS (Value Added Services) – most people call them communication apps these days.  There are hundreds of them, for example […]

5th Annual SDP Asia Summit 27th-28th October 2010 Singapore

Its the first time since its inception that I’ll not be able to attend SDP Asia, instead I’ll be at the BBWF (BroadBand World Forum), I reviewed the BBWF conference and the sessions I’ll be running in this aricle. As a quick aside: DEMO is taking place this week, and congratulations to GotoCamera (previously HomeCamera) […]