5th Annual SDP Asia Summit 27th-28th October 2010 Singapore

Its the first time since its inception that I’ll not be able to attend SDP Asia, instead I’ll be at the
BBWF (BroadBand World Forum), I reviewed the BBWF conference and the sessions I’ll be running in this aricle.

As a quick aside: DEMO is taking place this week, and congratulations to GotoCamera (previously HomeCamera) who are launching at DEMO.  They were also winners of the InfoVision Award last year at the BBWF.  This year Dial2do is shortlisted for the InfoVision Award, so congratulations to Sean and the team.  Both GotoCamera and Dial2do will be on my panel at the BBWF: “Aligning to Developer Needs Using Developer Communities to Lead the Service Innovation Race.”  Its great to see the industry recognizing the importance of such services.

But back to SDP Asia, the interesting topic being discussed at the conference is ‘SDP in the Cloud’ as a pre-conference workshop run by hSenidMobile.  I’ve covered this in a previous weblog article, but its great to see a pre-confernce workshop focused on this topic, which includes case studies of Etisalat’s Cloud Enabled SDP by Dumindra Ratnayaka, CEO, Etisalat Sri Lanka; and M1’s Implementation of SDP and a Vibrant Developer Community.

The pre-conference workshop’s title is “SDP in the Cloud: Strategies, Experiences and Business Models for Telcos.”  The workshop objectives are are to help attendees understand:

  • How telcos can leverage cloud-based platforms and services;
  • Cloud based VAS (Value Added Serivce) business models;
  • Innovative strategies for telco-grade cloud-based platforms;
  • Deployment models for cloud-based SDPs; and
  • Real-world operator case studies given by the deploying operators.

So I strongly recommend if you’re in the region to take the opportunity to attend to understand an important SDP innovation.