Monthly Archives: December 2007

A view on the Fundamental Changes in Telecom through 2007

In reading the reviews of the telecom year, I see both iPhone and Android pop up as two of the most significant changes on the telecom industry.  I think it’s important that we stop and think a moment. On the iPhone: I already have music on my phone, I can do email, I have a […]

Singapore’s Experiment with Broadband Open Access Part 2

Back in September I did an entry on the IDA’s IN2015 (Intelligent Nation 2015) initiative.  Quoting from their website:  “The Next Generation National Infocomm Infrastructure (Next Gen NII) is Singapore’s new digital super-highway. Next Gen NII comprises complementary wired and wireless networks to ensure Singaporeans enjoy seamless connectivity.  The wired broadband network or Next Generation […]