Open Source Telecom Software Survey 2023

DALL E prompt: an open source real time communication network in the style of ghost in the shell

Welcome to the Open Source Telecom Software Survey 2023. The purpose of this survey is to gather your experiences and opinions in using Open Source Telecom Software, and share an anonymized aggregate result with those that compete the survey. I’ll also present a summary of the results at TADSummit in October 2023.

This survey follows on from the surveys run in 2022, 20212020 and 2019, with the results presented here: 2022, 2021 2020 and 2019. Thank you for your continued support.

Thank you to Olle E. Johansson, Sandro Gauci, Dave Horton, Arin Sime, and Alberto González Trastoy for your support in creating this year’s survey.

Here is the link to the Open Source Telecom Software Survey 2023. Please complete the survey by June 15th, thank you. It should take between 5-10 minutes depending on how many questions you answer.

Please answer what you can, ignore what is not relevant. This survey is broader than just open source RTC software, we also examine technologies, trends or topics relevant to all Real Time Communications, which runs on open source telecom software.

The sections covered in the survey include:

  • Respondent Category Information
  • Cyber Security Regulations
  • Using and Contributing to RTC Open Source Projects
  • Representation in RTC OSS Projects
  • Will the Enterprise desktop phone ever disappear?
  • Large Language Models
  • Voice CPaaS Evolution
  • Messaging (SMS/RCS/MMS/variants) CPaaS Evolution
  • IP Messaging CPaaS Evolution
  • Fraud and Identity CPaaS
  • CPaaS Dashboard
  • Where do you think open source projects can best help these parts of CPaaS?
  • WebRTC

I like this quote from from a leaked Google report on AI. We Have No Moat

Directly Competing With Open Source Is a Losing Proposition

This recent progress has direct, immediate implications for our business strategy. Who would pay for a Google product with usage restrictions if there is a free, high quality alternative without them?

And we should not expect to be able to catch up. The modern internet runs on open source for a reason. Open source has some significant advantages that we cannot replicate.”

Source: Leaked Google report, We Have No Moat.

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