Open Source Telecom Software Survey 2021

The purpose of this survey is to gather your experiences and opinions in using Open Source Telecom Software, and share an anonymized aggregate result with those that compete the survey. I’ll also present a summary of the results at TADSummit EMEA / Americas in November 2021.

This survey follows on from the surveys run in 2020 and 2019, with the results presented here: 2020 and 2019. Thank you for your continued support.

Please complete this general survey, and then choose the specific project surveys (separate forms) you want to provide feedback. If any question is not relevant or you have no opinion, just skip it.

Most of programmable communications (a $1.2T industry) runs on just a few open source telecom software projects, that are run by a few people, supported by a larger community. It’s like the global food and beverage industry (a $5T market, only 4 times the size of us) was supplied out of the kitchens of a few tens of homes and their friends! A contrived analogy to highlight the immense reach made possible thanks to open source software.

Deadline to complete the surveys is July 7th.

Step 1. Please complete the General Survey.

Step 2. Choose the projects you want to provide feedback on.

Telecom App Servers

drachtio / jambonz

Management Interfaces / UA / Solution Wraps / Monitoring and Capture / Security

FreePBX (for Asterisk)
FusionPBX (for FreeSwitch)
Sipcapture – Homer
VICIdial (for Asterisk)
Wazo (forked from XiVo, for Asterisk)

WebRTC Projects


Missing Project?

Projects without surveys are due to low interest in previous years, considered out of scope, or not judged open source from previous surveys: AskoziaPBX, Murmur, Mysipswitch, sipXecs IP PBX, EasyRTC, Elastix (for Asterisk), flexiWAN, GNU Gatekeeper, Isabell, Kazoo, Kurento, Matrix, Mediasoup, Medooze, Node-RED, Opencloud Rhino, Metaswitch Clearwater, OpenVidu, Restcomm / Mobicents, SIP3, SIPfoundry / sipxcom, Sippy Softswitch, sipsak / SIPp, SylkServe, YATE ,YETI Switch

If you think we’ve made a mistake, use this form to add your project.

Thank you for your support!

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