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Open Source Telecom SoftwareThe purpose of this survey is to gather people’s experiences and opinions on using Open Source Telecom Software Projects. I’ll share an anonymized aggregate view of the survey with those that compete the survey. I’ll also present a high-level summary for some of the results at TADSummit EMEA in November, where we have a session on “The Emerging Programmable Telecoms Architecture: Threats and Opportunities.”

I’m often asked to comment on the different open source projects, typical implementation architectures, and answer the usual worries on availability, performance, and what-ifs. This is an attempt to provide something more authoritative than my opinions based on who I last talked to. My role here is simply as someone who has working in and promoted programmable telecoms (CXTech) for the past 2+ decades, to help us all be more successful. Please circulate this around your contacts, the more feedback, the more insights and accuracy we will have, thanks.

Most of CXTech (potentially a $1.2T industry) runs on just a few open source telecom software projects, that are run by a few people, supported by a much larger community of supporters. Its like the global food and beverage industry (a $5T market, only 4 times the size of CXTech) was supplied out of the kitchens of a few tens of homes! A contrived analogy to highlight the immense reach made possible by open source software. But it does highlight the global significance of open source telecom software, and the importance of this survey in helping us share experiences and opinions.

I’ve put the questionnaire in 2 formats (a third will be coming soon), depending on your preference:

For the Google Slides / Sheet, make a copy, fill it in, and send it to me.

For the Google Form just complete and submit, and that’s it.

Nothing you send to me will be shared, only the aggregate results. I know many of you have experience across many of these platforms. I ask you complete the ones that matter to you most, and base your comments on experiences within the last 2 years.

The projects we’re evaluating include:

Telecom App Servers
SIPfoundry / sipxcom
Management Interfaces / Solution Wraps / Monitoring and Capture
Elastix (for Asterisk)
FreePBX (for Asterisk)
FusionPBX (for FreeSwitch)
Sipcapture – Homer
Sippy Softswitch
VICIdial (for Asterisk)
Wazo (forked from XiVo, for Asterisk)
YETI Switch
WebRTC Projects
Other (because there is some overlap and I like them)

One’s I’m not considering:
AskoziaPBX, Murmur, Mysipswitch, sipXecs IP PBX
Opencloud Rhino, Metaswitch Clearwater
GNU Gatekeeper

If I’m missing any projects or you disagree with the ones I’m not considering, please let me know, thanks.

9 thoughts on “Open Source Telecom Software Project Survey

  1. Maksym Sobolyev

    RTPProxy is missing. Not a stand-alone component, but companion server that is often installed alongside of OpenSIPS or Kamailio to manage media traffic.

    Also “sippysoft” should probably renamed into “Sippy Softswitch”, this is how we call it here.


    1. Alan Quayle Post author

      Hi Maksym, updated the weblog, will update the surveys in a minute.

    1. Alan Quayle Post author

      Hi Matt, should I edit SIP Foundry to SIP Foundry / sipxcom.

      1. Alan Quayle Post author

        Updated the name and category, will update the surveys in a minute.

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