Open Source Telecom Software Project Survey 2020

Open Source 2020 Survey

Please complete by Wednesday 12th August, thank you.

The purpose of this Open Source 2020 Survey is to gather across the industry people’s experiences and opinions on using Open Source Telecom Software Projects (Projects), and share an anonymized aggregate result with those that compete the survey. I’ll also present a summary of the results at TADSummit EMEA / Americas in November.

Last year we did a survey, and the results were presented here. Thank you to everyone who completed the survey. We received supportive feedback on the value provided to the communities from that survey in helping projects be ever more successful.

This survey follows on from the first survey undertaken in 2019. Filling in gaps on geographic issues, contributions to open source projects, deeper dive into hosting and redundancy, adding missing open source projects, and a few other items, such as the impact of COVID-19 and what questions you want asked in 2021. Please to not worry about the length of the survey, just fill in what you can and skip sections where you have no contribution, thank you.

The structure of the survey is:

  • Section 1: Intro explanation and email capture so I can share the anonymous results with you.
  • Section 2: Geographic Information (please complete the section)
  • Section 3: Contributing to Open Source Projects (please complete the section)
  • Section 4: SIP SDKs, Hosting, and Redundancy (please complete the section)
  • Section 5: Adding the missing Projects: Dratchio / Jambonz (if you do not know this project skip)
  • Section 6: Adding the missing Projects: RTP Engine (if you do not know this project skip)
  • Section 7: Adding the missing Projects: YATE (if you do not know this project skip)
  • Section 8: Adding the missing Projects: Sylk Server (if you do not know this project skip)
  • Section 9: Adding the missing Projects: ASTPP (A Smart TelePhony Platform) – (if you do not know this project skip)
  • Section 10: Adding the missing Projects: Issabel (if you do not know this project skip)
  • Section 11: Other (please complete the last question, we want this survey to help you in 2021)

Click here to take the Open Source 2020 Survey, or get started on the embed below.

Thanks for your contribution!