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Questar using Telecom APIs to Improve Customer Experience Management

I had the opportunity recently to chat with Mark Kovatch, Vice President Sales at Questar, about his experience in using Telecom APIs.  Questar is the name behind many of the Customer Experience Management programs of the big brands.  Founded in 1985 they pioneered the “sales receipt survey.”  For those in the US, whenever you go […]

Running to Stand Still. The Negative Cycle of Spending Virtually all the IT Budget to Keep the Lights On. Why we need a BOSS reset!

I apologize that this is a high level article, but I’m seeing the term Customer Experience Management being misused and promising things it will not deliver without a complete reset of the BOSS (Business and Operational Support System).  A problem faced by many telecom network operators (telcos) is they are caught in an endless cycle […]