CXTech Week 34 2022 News and Analysis

The purpose of this CXTech Week 34 2022 newsletter is to highlight, with commentary, some of the news stories in CXTech this week. What is CXTech?  The C stands for Connectivity, Communications, Collaboration, Conversation, Customer; X for Experience because that’s what matters; and Tech because the focus is enablers.

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Following advice, I’m including a small pitch for my consulting services in this newsletter, many readers are unaware I consult. I’m an Engineer who’s been independently consulting for a couple of decades, “I know stuff and people” 😉 Business modelling has been part of what I do for 3 decades. From country-wide broadband infrastructure projects to new communication services or enablers. Generally, the key is start small, on a napkin, understand the sensitivities of the main variables and build out the likely scenarios. But stop once the sensitivities and scenarios are known. Most models become way too complex, as if asking the same question with more finesse will result in a different answer, it shouldn’t, and if it does something’s wrong with the model.

Covered this week:

  • Google Cloud Shutters IoT
  • TADHack 2022 is partnering with Network X
  • TADHack Memories 2020: Xplorer from team Android 3 from TADHack South Africa
  • New TADSummit 2022 Session from Telesign
  • SoftwareReviews’ CPaaS Buyer’s Guide <sigh>
  • People, Gossip, and Frivolous Stuff

Google Cloud Shutters IoT

In Alphabet’s annual report GCP (Google Cloud Platform) was 5.5% of the overall revenue in 2019, 7.2% in 2020, and 7.5% in 2022. The ratio is slowing down, and IoT is only perhaps 1 or 2 % of the GCP number. IoT is simply too small for Google to bother.

New markets need to move the dial for big companies. For example, Amazon in healthcare will be a sustained business effort, because that’s roughly the size of a market needed to build a new business when you’re the size of Amazon, $4T in the US alone. There’s lots of opportunities for middleman removal as discussed in CXTech Week 30 2022.

With carriers when I share service innovations, the common refrain is, “it’s simply not a big enough market opportunity for us to bother.” That’s why Google is no longer bothering with IoT.

TADHack 2022 is partnering with Network X

Network X is taking place on the 18-20 October in Amsterdam, bringing together the telco industry. This is the new home of the long-running 5G World and Broadband World Forum, and the newly launched Telco Cloud. These three events provide a universal view of the state of telco in 2022.

For anyone involved in TADHack, particularly those attending TADHack Amsterdam, it’s an excellent opportunity to meet the whole of the telecom industry in one event. Here’s the Free Expo Pass for Network X.

On Wednesday October 19th at Network X there’s a TADHack Takeover at the Tech Discovery Session from 15:25 to 16:30. Some of the TADHack winners will present their hacks at this event. It’s an amazing opportunity to pitch your winning ideas to, and meet, telecom executives from around the world. Presenters at the TADHack Takeover will receive an All-Access Pass for the full Network X experience.

Even if you’re not presenting, it’s well-worth supporting your fellow TADHackers at Network X. Once you’ve registered for the Free Expo Pass there’s a networking app so you can arrange meetings, here’s the list of exhibitors at the Expo, and I’ll help out with connecting people while I’m at Network X.

To all my telecom friends, contact me if you’d like to meet some of the TADHackers, the sponsors of TADHack, or even catch up with me.

TADHack Memories 2020: Xplorer from team Android 3 from TADHack South Africa

TADHack Memories 2020: Xplorer from team Android 3, Naomi Skie, Carol Khoza, and Christine Bisimwa. Winners of TADHack South Africa. Our first global hackathon during a pandemic.

All female team that looked for a way to help those affected by the national quarantine we then built a solution which we named Xplorer, a simple gaming app that would reward both international and national tourists for visiting local tourist attractions.

Thank you to Radisys CorporationTelnyxSTROLID, Inc – Strong Process. Solid Results., and jambonz for making TADHack Global 2022 possible.

New TADSummit 2022 Session from Telesign

“Playing at the intersection of CPaaS and Digital Identity” from Kola Layokun, Sr Director of Product Management & Head of CPaaS Engagement, Telesign.

  • Leveraging CPaaS for Fraud Prevention – What is IRSF and how to detect and prevent it.
  • Defending against erroneous Messaging costs
  • Engagement – Leveraging CPaaS to create value in Digital Identity

SoftwareReviews’ CPaaS Buyer’s Guide <sigh>

Their table bears no resemblance to my understanding of the market, conflates applications and aggregation, and has some weird criteria such as ‘net emotional footprint’. It’s worse than the Omdia CPaaS Universe. Includes Infobip but not Sinch, its main competitor. Has a reseller on the opposite side of the chart to the company it resells. And a quite different view of Vonage to Omdia’s.

I do not create CPaaS magic shapes as programmable communications is complex, and which vendor is the best depends on your needs and circumstances. For example, the RingCentral APIs are only relevant to RingCentral UCaaS customers, and those customers generally have little interest in the APIs, rather the services enabled.

Just search “send an SMS api” on Google and you’ll see who’s top, Twilio. They dominate developer mind share across most programmable communications. But developers are only one of many enterprise customer segments.

People, Gossip, and Frivolous Stuff

Francisco Baena is now Frontend Developer at Freepik Company

Gareth Price is now Strategy Development Manager at Ericsson.

Hector Zelaya is now WebRTC Developer Advocate at

Robert Weideman is now EVP & GM Nuance Enterprise, Business Apps & Platform at Microsoft

Francisco de Carvalho was re-elected to the Broadband Forum Board of Directors, and will be attending Network X. I’ll be there as well, get in contact if you’d like to meet up.

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