CXTech Market Sizing and Landscape

CXTech Sizing

At TADSummit EMEA I presented some slides on  “By The Numbers: CPaaS, UCaaS, CCaaS Landscapes and Market Sizing.” Its a straight forward bottom-up build of the market size with lots of revenue guesstimates – never believe what people tell you about their companies 😉 I show the slides below. Of most interest were the slides on the CXTech landscape and CXTech market sizing across the segments studied..

As promised below are the tables that go behind the market sizing and landscapes. I’ve included revenues, growth estimates and in some cases employee numbers.

A disclaimer is required with these tables:

  • This is a work in progress. If you see any companies missing just let me know, thank you.
  • This is a rapidly shifting landscape, I guarantee when you read this it will be out of date. For example, the convergence of employee and customer communications from a marketing perspective is blurring the segmentation. I’m still biasing the analysis to history and where the bulk of revenues come from, rather than what marketing claims.
  • This is an attempt to map out the companies and technologies across CXTech: CPaaS, CCaaS, UCaaS, business messaging, in-app communications enablers, enterprise messaging, collaboration, and all the automation tech.
  • There’s an associated excel sheet with company details and more detailed, revenue breakdowns, all based on my guestimates (unless the company is listed and provides a breakdown – even then its still hidden). The material shared here is at a higher level: total revenues, growth, and a brief description.
  • I know many of the companies listed will disagree with my revenue growth predictions. That’s OK, if you disagree, share your rationale on why you can sustain a different rate. For example, “We’re expanding from our home market into market X and expect to see growth Y due to its size and our historical growth in our home market,” will not change my mind. You need to convince me how you’re going to achieve growth in a new market – what are you doing differently in a different market? Winners in CXTech understand and adapt to their individual markets.

My request to everyone who reviews the material is:

  • If I’ve missed any companies please let me know;
  • Please ask questions / issues arising from this work; and
  • If you disagree with the numbers please let me know what you think it should be and why. Thanks.

As material gets updated I’ll be updating the table below.

Best Wishes for 2020

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