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WebRTCSummitThe WebRTC Global Summit runs in London from April 1-2, with a pre-conference workshop on Monday 31st March from Tsahi of bloggeek.me focused on “WebRTC in Telecoms”.  Some of the highlights of the agenda, apart from catching up with lots of good friends focused on WebRTC such as Victor Pascual Ávila, include:

  • Patrice Crutel, from Bouygues will share his experiences with WebRTC.  Bouygues have taken a leadership position in WebRTC with an aggressive trial of the technology.  Patrice’s experiences will provide invaluable learning on how ready WebRTC is for commercial deployment, and where given its current status it makes most sense for operators to deploy / experiment.
  • Bard Rosell from AT&T will share their WebRTC experiences.  AT&T is a very early adopter of WebRTC, offering last year an alpha WebRTC API from AT&T Foundry.  As its still in alpha after over one year, it will be interesting to understand what is stopping them moving to beta and commercial launch.
  • There will be an operator-only panel focused on their experiences and opportunities with WebRTC including Sebastian Schumann from Slovak Telecom, Bard Rosell from AT&T, and Manuel Nunes Sanz, from Telefonica.
  • WebRTC application developers will demonstrate their innovations, this is for me the most interesting bit, and it is especially important as it will be a chance to share implementation experiences.  There’s still much to do and learn as TIm Panton recently shared in a good weblog post on webrtcH4cKS.


2 thoughts on “WebRTC Global Summit

  1. Patrice Crutel

    Hello Alan,
    Thks for the introduction.
    Just few clarifications (comments received from my board)

    We didn’t issue an RFQ. We consulted leaders in such area.
    It is still a Proof of Concept i.e. we have not yet decided about the next step (RFQ, consulted companies…).
    The main goal of the PoC was to show and understand the technology (see how it could fit to an operator business and how we could use such technology). It was alos to show how easy it is to re-use of our core network components (core and services) and highlight some sort of multi-device usage.
    Please, don’t refer to FREE. We have never thought about FREE when deciding our PoC on webRTC.
    Really, in our view, webRTC is seen as an opportunity for operators and we wanted to show it.
    We could also see that the technology was young…

    1. Alan Quayle Post author

      Hi Patrice, thanks for the update. Made the changes you requested. Agreed on young, the Chrome 32 on Android certainly demonstrated that.

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