Simple Example of Extending Telcos Services with WebRTC

At the WebRTC Workshop during the Rich Communication event in Berlin at the end of October, Juan from Solaiemes mentioned they were building an SDK for their WebRTC-Telco gateway to demo a range of services.

They completed it last month and have been demoing some simple services, in this weblog they focus on enabling a telco’s customer to have friends on the web (e.g. Facebook) call their mobile under their control, and shown in the video below.  The customer is more contactable (popular), friends in other countries are now able to call them whenever is convenient, and the operator is earning revenue.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, the business applications are very interesting, but it requires operators to take a leadership position in WebRTC, rather than watching and waiting as other service providers continue to erode their relevance as communication service providers.