TADS 2013 Photo Review + Quick Update

TADSlogoBelow are photo reviews from TADS 2013.  I hope they give you a flavor of what happened at TADS, and for the 100+ attendees a nice reminder of what happened only 2 months ago.  My TADS review is here.

All the presentation slides are available for the Telco Summit and Developer Summit, and the videos of the sessions are slowly being uploaded.  We’ll be launching TADHack soon, so keep an eye open for what’s coming there, its become a global event, we’ll have satellite TADHacks running in parallel around the world.  We already have 6 sponsors signed up for both TADHack and TADSummit and that’s before we’ve done any publicity and most marketing departments have even got their budgets in place.

We also have a number of local TADMeetups being planned, TADMeetup.  These are local meetups for local telecom application developers, informal groups of interested people.  The Austin and Paris groups are up on the TADMeetup website, I’m planning a TADMeetup NJ.  I still need to get the link and page up on the TADMeetup site (sorry for the delay), the focus is getting TADHack up and running at the moment.  We’ve been busy in the two months since TADS, and in the coming months we’ll have lots to share, its going to be an exciting year as the industry comes together to promote telecom application development.