No Jitter Article: Integrating Collaboration and Document Management with the Cloud

Here is a link to an article I wrote for No Jitter on the dawn of true information communication technology (ICT) services, in which IT and Communication services are enabled and integrated by cloud computing and APIs.

Cloud-based document management services are growing rapidly, e.g. DropBox,, Mozy, KnowledgeTree, SpringCM, WebEx and recently Google Docs.  Another trend is the move to cloud-based communications in the enterprise, whether it be Twilio’s APIs in, Cisco’s Hosted Unified Communications Service, Voxeo’s global communications cloud, Skype’s cloud (which will soon be linked with Microsoft Lync), or Masergy Communications and its recently acquired Broadcore Communications cloud communication services, voice / conference has moved to the cloud for many enterprises.

Hence, we’re at a point where document management and conferencing / collaboration are now in the cloud.  APIs enable these two cloud services to be easily integrated, as discussed in the use cases described in the article.  It is to be seen if a one stop shop solution like WebEx or Google, or a best in class like solution such as KnowledgeTree and a cloud-based or traditional communication service provider win the race for this emerging ICT service opportunity.

It’s clear the technologies of cloud computing and APIs are about to create a new wave of ICT Services to help businesses save money and win more business, this article used the integration of collaboration and document management to illustrate this point.