Hybrid TV is not new; it’s been within the industry’s lexicon for many years, the transition should not be a surprise.  However, for many executives the shift to hybrid TV has been a quiet revolution.  Especially given two of the telco industry’s most successful TV deployments, Verizon FiOS (2.9M customers in Q4 2009) and Orange TV (2.1M customers in 2009), are both hybrid TV.  The whole of the payTV industry is now taking notice of what this means.

The report is available from Mind Commerce.  It brings together work performed on hybrid TV over the passed year through over 200 operator and supplier interviews and online questionnaires, gathering information on deployment experiences, market requirements, competitive landscape, and technology trends.  I’d like to thank everyone who helped in creating this report.

Report Structure
This 114 page report including 57 figures examines the current status of hybrid TV and Over The Top (OTT) TV with the following sections:

  • Introduction: providing definitions and a brief global round up of hybrid TV activities, including standardization.
  • Understanding the TV ecosystem: an important section for all readers from the telco industry.  Neither IPTV nor hybrid TV can be treated as an isolated industry; they’re the delivery pipes for the much larger, complex and well established TV industry.
  • Deployments and learning: reviewing hybrid TV deployments and the lessons learnt.
  • Drivers for and business case of hybrid TV: based on market research in understanding why operators are moving to hybrid TV.
  • Interactive services and STB (Set Top Box) applications: understanding an important category of services enabled by hybrid TV.
  • OTT market status: examining this complex and rapidly changing Internet TV market.
  • Hybrid TV suppliers: reviewing both solution providers and STB suppliers.
  • Operator rankings and requirements: based on market research of operators’ perceptions of suppliers and their requirements for hybrid TV solutions.
  • Future of hybrid TV and recommendations for members of the ecosystem.

Target Audience

  • PayTV operators (telcos, cable operators, satellite TV, and terrestrial TV) providing insight into the factors behind hybrid TV’s success, and recommendations in retaining value in the evolution of the TV industry.
  • PayTV and telco equipment providers: understanding the emerging hybrid TV opportunity and operators’ requirements.
  • STB application developers: helping understand where to focus in building STB applications.
  • Investors: where the investment opportunities reside in the emerging Hybrid TV landscape.

The report is available from Mind Commerce.