Preview: 4th annual SDP Asia event, Singapore 27-28 October 2009

The 4th annual SDP Asia event takes place in Singapore from 27-28 October 2009.  Some of the operators presenting will be:

  • Krishna N Basudevan, GM, Information Technology, Aircel Ltd, India;
  • Clark Lam, Director of Service Platforms in Consumer Products, SingTel, Singapore;
  • Rahadian Krishna Sundara, Head of Business Research, R&D Center PT Telkom, Indonesia;
  • Alex Ibasco, Group Head, Strategic Business Development, Smart Communications, Philippines; and
  • Dr. Jan-Bon Chen, Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan.

On Thursday the 29 October I’ll be running a day-long workshop at the conference entitled: Application Stores, Developer Communities, Content, Games and Widgets: Strategic Market Review and Operator Opportunity / Risk Analysis.

The devices at the end of operators’ networks are now at the fore-front of the convergence of web and telco. Once upon a time those devices were controlled by the operator, today those devices are becoming increasingly open; enabling most of an operator’s value added services to be bypassed, including voice! The workshop will provide an independent review of the technologies; operator initiatives, e.g. Vodafone, Verizon, China Mobile and Softbank’s Joint Innovation Labs;  operator successes / failures; review the bypass threat; and evaluate opportunities created by the convergence of web and telco. The objective is to provide a fact based and quantified view of the emerging threats/opportunities and provide attendees with an action plan on how to respond.

In the workshop I’ll be covering topics such as:

  • Emerging app store ecosystem;
  • Simplify explaining what are widgets, data services and APIs;
  • How JIL (Joint Innovation Labs), W3C (widgets), OpenAPI, BONDI, AJAX, and SDP all fit together;
  • Deep dive into OneAPI, BONDI, JIL, Zembly, and OneApp;
  • Examining in detail the developer communities and stores of Apple, Nokia Ovi and Android;
  • Explain the developers’ perspective, and the critical problems an operator must solve to retain value in this emerging market;
  • Deep dive into operator initiatives such a:
    • Vodafone Betavine;
    • Verizon Developer Community;
    • Orange Partner;
    • Telenor Content Provider Access; and
    • Cricket Communication.
  • Then focus upon quantifying the opportunities and threats; as well as identifying strategies and action plans both operators and suppliers can adopt in the emerging market.

I’ll also be presenting the moderating several sessions.

SDP Evolution: Revolution, Convolution, Amalgamation or Elimination?

  • Examining the impact the confluence of several critical technologies/ developments have on the SDP such as: cloud computing/managed services; and open initiatives such as Joint Innovation Labs, GSMA’s OneAPI, OMTP’s BONDI, and OSGi (Open Services Gateway initiative)
  • Reviewing key trends in operators’ requirements and their competitive environment as web and telco converge on the handset
  • Present a view on the current and likely future evolution of the SDP: will it change, get more complex, will silos finally consolidate, or will it simply go away?

Operators-Developers Dialogue : Creating A Killer Application Development Environment with SDP – Driving The Customer Experience And Adopting Open Innovation Models

  • How can operators create an attractive application development environment for third party developers?
  • What are the unique enablers they can offer in the short and long term?
  • How do they see the collaborative ecosystems being structured? For example, should they partner with other operator and equipment providers’ development communities?
  • How can SDP provide a unified network service creation and service exposure infrastructure for new and innovative services?
  • How do they intend to monetize the applications created by third parties?

Panelists will be:
Varun Arora, CEO Home Camera, Singapore (who is the winner of the InfoVision Award at the Broadband World Forum – a first for a Singaporean company)
Alex Ibasco, Group Head, Strategic Business Development, Smart Communication, Philippines
Peggy Kuo, Executive Director, APAC Consulting Media, Singapore
Emillie Guldner, Business Development & Sales Asia Pacific, Mobile Distillery, Singapore

Examining the Changing Business Drivers for SDP & Ensuring Return on Investment

  • When does an SDP deployment make business sense?
  • What are the key metrics to track SDP deployment performance?
  • What is the key to achieve rapid and low-cost deployment of SDP?
  • What can be done to minimize the risks of implementing an SDP?
  • How can you optimize the ROI of your SDP implementation?

The above session will be a “fire-side” chat with Clark Lam, Director of Service Platforms in Consumer Products SingTel.  I’m just wondering where Informa’s getting the fire from?

SDP Asia provides a unique forum where innovations, hype and emerging business models are adapted into what specifically will work for the diverse Asian markets.