O2 Litmus Application Competition Winners

O2 Litmus just announced the winners of its application competition:

Two apps shortlisted by a judging panel of O2 customers were:

Live TalkBack is founded by Matt Millar, who was on my panel session at the Smart Pipes Event in May (Day One weblog entry, Day Two weblog entry).  Live TalkBack is an interesting app, enabling broadcasters and event organizers to interact with their audience in real-time in a modern, graphics rich, web-like experience.  Currently its available across the Apple, Ovi and O2 Litmus stores – again further evidence that O2 Litmus understands what developers need with direct customer access.  The app moves audience interaction beyond the stone age of calling / texting – which is on the decline as people become disenchanted with the premium charges imposed on them which is then used to pay for Simon Cowell’s next conspicuous consumption.  And instead enables a graphical, point and click, instantaneous interaction; with vastly more detailled audience analytics.  Broadcasters, event organizers and advertising agencies should give Live TalkBack serious attention.


Intelligenti Publishing provides a platform for authors and publishers to get their content onto the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch platform.

Percula Software’s EventHorizon is a cute app for viewing upcoming events.