Communication Enables Business Process (CEBP) Status Report

Patrick Murphy (email Pat) has just released an excellent report on the status of communication enabled business processes (CEBP) that is likely to become a reference text in the emergence of this important category for both operators and application developers.

The report provides an overview of the CEBP industry relative to Telco APIs and voice centric application providers. After a minimum of 3 to 10 years of work by a wide range of service providers and application vendors the industry is at the end of its initial phase of technology-led innovation, this report provides important guidance on the next phase of business-led innovation. During the technology-led phase there have been successes, failures, consolidations, mergers, and acquisitions. However, IPOs, exits, or standalone profit centers within large companies have been few. Yet, revenue is being generated and hard earned profits ramped up by a few smart and well timed vendors. As with any technology wave, most firms will fail.  The report is pragmatic, it aims to help the reader improve their odds for Crossing the Chasm. Put simply the industry has reached the end of the beginning of CEBP innovation and Geoffrey Moore‘s Chasm is in front.

A review is provided of the emergence of CEBP, and some needed clarity on the relationship between CEBP and Unified Communications (UC).   Some vendors have attempted to muddy the water in claiming CEBP is enabled by their UC solutions, as they try to persuade enterprises / operators to buy / resell their UC platforms.  Relevant network API providers are reviewed, e.g. Orange, BT Ribbit, Voxeo, Broadsoft and  Several CEBP application vendors are case studied including Jott, Varolii, and eSTARA.  The conclusions provide both clear guidance on how to navigate the business-led innovation phase, as well as some all important market size estimates of CEBP, which is currently at $3-4B.