Preconf Workshop at Telecom APIs, 11th Nov London

We’ll be giving a pre-conference workshop at the Telecom API event entitled, “All You Wanted to Know About Telecom APIs, But Were Too Afraid to Ask!”  This will be a fun, frank and independent review of the market with lots of real-world case studies from Apidaze, Telestax, and Tropo.

We’ve seen in 2013 a flurry of Telecom API activities, from AT&T’s launch of call control and WebRTC APIs in January, the activities in the Philippines and Poland around Telecom APIs, Telefonica and Telenor’s collaboration on APIs.  As well as massive industry consolidation with Aepona and Mashery being bought by Intel Software, Computer Associates buying Layer 7 Technologies, and Programmable Web being bought by Mulesoft.  Then $70M being raised by Twilio.  What is the reality behind the hype, what makes commercial sense, what’s going to happen to the market, what are other industry verticals doing, what should you be doing?  Mind Commerce claims Telecom APIs are a $157B market in 2018.

Alan Quayle has 23 years of experience in the telecommunication industry, focused on developing profitable new businesses in service providers, suppliers and start-ups.

Jean Deruelle is the EMEA General Manager and Co-Founder of Telestax and has been contributing to Open Source and growing the Mobicents community and ecosystem for the past 10 years.  He is helping customers and community members to foster innovation through the use of Open Source in the Communications industry and help create innovative and cost effective solutions.

The founders of Apidaze, Luis and Philippe.  Check out the new Apidaze CEO, Richard Lalande, previously the co-founder of SFR – wow!  Philippe Sultan wrote the book on Asterisk (in French) and developed and maintained unified communications applications based on opensource software (Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, Kamailio, ejabberd, Red5).  Luis Borges Quina is a serial entrepreneur and the driving force behind Apidaze.

Tim Panton is a senior engineer at Tropo Inc.  He’s currently working on the webRTC support for, and products at Tropo Inc.  Tim has an impressive track record of communications service innovation including building communication applications such as: browser based push-to-talk for gamers using Skype’s SiLK codec (, and – an 800 number replacement using a java applet soft phone.

0900-1000     Registration and networking

1000-1200     Alan Quayle will provide a frank and independent review of Telecom APIs, to help you understand the reality behind the vendor hype, the practical realities of Telecom APIs the marketing echo-chamber of the online media never touch upon.  Yes, it’s not as fun as repeating all the hype, but can you really afford to base your career and investment decisions on marketing?  The topics covered are:

  • Definitions and Introduction to APIs.  It’s just a HTTP request so why all the fuss?
  • Learning from History.  Telcos where there are the start, but it’s been a ‘failure to launch’ ever since.
  • APIs in other Industry Verticals.  How are other industries, beyond the web-based service providers, using APIs?
  • Telco Case Studies.  Deep independent dive on the reality behind all the misinformation.
  • Vendor Review.  The landscape is evolving fast, there are new guys on the block every operator must consider.
  • Reviewing specific Telecom APIs: Payments, Communications (including WebRTC), Identity, Policy, Value Added Services, Cloud, Home Networks, and many more.

1200-1300     Lunch

1300-1400        The customers of Apidaze’s Telecom API include SaaS providers, affiliate marketing networks, media agencies and e-commerce sites.  Apidaze will share their experiences through quantified case studies of how their customers have created new business applications on Telecom APIs to grow revenues, improve customers’ experiences and improve operations.

1400-1500        Mobicents is trusted by 80% of the world’s Tier 1 telecoms and thousands of enterprises.  Telestax will discuss a case study with one of their customers in the health care space, who integrated cutting edge sensor technologies with Restcomm (based on Mobicents) – telco API to create a mission critical system that quite literally saves lives on a daily basis.

1500-1530     Break

1530-1630           Tropo API is used by many businesses, e.g. Crunched, Speak2Leads,, TeleSmart, they run their business on Tropo.  Tropo will share the secrets of their success, to help Telcos build their telecom API business success.  As well as I’m sure an interesting discussion on WebRTC.

1630-1700 Wrap-up discussion

The workshop provides a fun, frank and independent review of the status of the Telecom API market including detailed case studies, to help you identify where to place your bets for 2014.