Business Case for Opening The Network

I came across this old presentation today on the business case for operators to open their network, shown below, some of the material is over 4 years old, especially on developer needs.  Yet operators continue to ask developers what they need and developers provide the same answers, perhaps operators continue to ask in hope of the ‘right’ answer being given.

The weblog article on Apple Facetime highlights the need for operators to change from per-service models for consumer services to examining the proposition from a total customer value perspective.  I think on APIs the consumer world has also moved on so per-API business models are no longer viable.  Operators need to look at APIs as a way to deliver unique customer value in the services provided with the operator.  Rather than as a standalone business case as the web service providers have commoditized most of the APIs.


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  1. Dan Young

    There is some great stuff on your blog Alan. I work for a UK “NGN” operator and I’ve been reading and thinking a lot about this topic recently, and how our spaceage Alcatel network could reach its potential with an API and a little help from some innovative developers.
    To help clarify my thinking I’ve decided to write a couple of posts on opening up networks:

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