Webinar on “Telco adoption of Web 2.0 principles and open innovation for rapid application development”

On the 30th October I’ll be giving a free Telestrategies webinar entitled “Telco adoption of Web 2.0 principles and open innovation for rapid application development.” The pitch for the webinar is:

“The battle is intensifying between telcos, consumer device manufacturers (e.g. iPhone and Sony PS3) and web-based services (e.g. Google) in the delivery of services to customers.  The Apple iPhone App Store has demonstrated the power of harnessing open innovation / web 2.0 ideas to increase customer value.

The majority of service innovations today are coming from the web and not the telcos.  However, telcos provide the ideal channel to market for many applications, with control over their network and devices, a billing relationship with the customer, a nationally recognized and trusted brand, main-street store presence, and a strong position in the industry’s ecosystem. Necessity being the mother of invention, telcos are now adopting open innovation / web 2.0 ideas (e.g. Verizon’s ODI, O2 Litmus, etc.)

Join us as we discuss how web-based services have changed customers’ expectations and how telcos are now responding to those changes with open innovation.  The speaker will present the results of an extensive application developer survey on what telcos must do to harness open innovation.  Finally, an action plan is set forth on what must happen to enable application developers and telcos to create a win-win partnership to deliver increased customer value.”

My objective is simply to share some of my learning over the past year in working with telcos and application developers on the topic of open innovation and open networks.  Some relevant weblog articles are “Open Innovation and Application Developer Needs,” and “Application Developer Needs Part 2.”  The webinar also provides an opportunity for real-time questioning, so I hope it will stimulate an insightful discussion.

To sign up for the free webinar you can click here or cut and paste this link into your browser, https://telestrategies.webex.com/telestrategies/onstage/g.php?t=a&d=753805235.  I hope you can make time on the 30th October to join the webinar.