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A Rapidly Growing Problem for Mobile Operators: NOT Security of Network Equipment Software but Unapproved Handsets from China

It’s not discussed in public by operators or regulators or the BSMA (that is an intentional typo on the GSMA given some of its PR).  Though this weblog has been discussing it for a number of years when we reviewed Wadaro back in 2008, and presented some interesting analysis this year: it’s the impact of […]

Data from Wadaro Comparing how Phones and Phone Manufacturers Perform as the Customer Experiences It

Wadaro, a start-up to watch, has been discussed in a number of previous weblog articles.  They’re now deployed across a number of operators and the tip of a very large iceberg of results from monitoring the network as the customers’ experience it are described here.  For reasons of confidentiality the networks these results were gathered […]