Understanding TADHack

Understanding TADHackTADHack has been running for less than two years, and in that time we’ve had over 200 amazing hacks created at the events, tens of which have gone or are in the process of going commercial. At the end of this weblog we list them out so you can see all the impressive concepts created from scratch or enhanced over 24 hours. Some recent hacks are in TADMentor, being nurtured for market launch. This weblog aims to help understanding TADhack is much more than simply a hackathon, its focused on growing the telecom app development ecosystem.

How best to describe a TADHack weekend? Its a journey of discovery, its team building, it has immense highs and occasional lows (usually accompanied with ‘why isn’t this working?’), pressure, networking, fun; meeting great people who are motivated, genuine, and accessible; everyone is focused on sharing their experiences, helping each other, and of course the common goal of the pitches. All hacks are inspirational, and have amazing personal interest stories behind them. You’re left uplifted, educated, and new friends you hope or plan to work with. After each event we create professional collateral to promote your hacks, and people are contacted about those hacks and potential business.

The usual flow of a TADHack on Saturday is:

  • 10AM people start arriving, getting to know you, quiet banter.
  • 11AM most people have arrived, the ice is broken, people are discussing ideas, understanding technologies, and the noise level jumps up considerably.
  • 1-6PM – quiet, people are settling into turning their ideas into reality, getting to know the SDKs, and setting up environments.
  • 6-8PM people start to break, relax as they can see what is required to complete their hack, and start to network again discussing joint business opportunities while others continue in quiet concentration.
  • 8PM wrap-up some leave with the look of a long night ahead, while others are ready for a drink. I remember at TADHack Lisbon in June 2015 coming back to the hotel we were staying at and seeing one dedicated hacker at a table in the bar with their computer, Intel Edison board, several other devices, and a drink on the table hacking away.

Then on Sunday:

  • Slow ramp up through the morning, by lunch everyone is there and the noise level rises
  • We kick off the pitches normally by 2PM. Usually most people want to go later in the running order, usually there are a few that are ready to go first or we kick off with the remote pitches. Just because you can not travel to a TADHack location does not mean you can not take part, we accept remote pitches.
  • Pitches are the great reveal, the ideas and applications are always interesting and stimulating. It shows the importance of getting the message out to as broad an audience as possible to understand the power of adding telecom capabilities to application, services and business processes.
  • We try to spread the prizes as widely as possible, even if do not win a prize there there is often a business follow-up on the ideas.
  • We then wrap-up the weekend with some drinks and snacks to congratulate everyone, and the discussions move onto next steps.

Who gets involved in TADHack:

  • Web developers discovering what telecoms capabilities means to them;
  • Telcos learning they can break free from the strangle-hold of their incumbent suppliers;
  • Non-coders discovering how easy its become – TADHack is for everyone;
  • Enterprise IT – some basic scripting skills and cut ‘n’ paste is enough these days to build impressive hacks. This the the change behind the “democratization of telecoms.”
  • Analysts, people interested to experience the journey of discovery over a TADHack weekend.
  • First-timers coming in to chat, learn and see what a hackathon is all about. Building confidence to hack at their next event.

The benefits of being involved in TADHack include:

  • Hiring – its a great place to discover impressive talent, and for students adding the links to your pitches showcases your creativity, development and presentation skills;
  • Business development – at TADHack Chicago several of the teams and sponsors found they had common business interests;
  • Learning – its a great opportunity to learn not only the sponsors’ technologies, but also tools and services you’ve discovered but simply not have time to play with;
  • Prizes are nice 🙂
  • Networking – a comment many people, “I met such amazing, cool, fun, and accessible people.” You’ll make new friends.

TADHacks will run and run. It is becoming how people understand services and technologies. Not through weak-minded marketing that plagues most industries. But by experiencing first-hand, internalizing to your specific situation, and then applying with the contacts and friends you’ve built over an intense weekend.

Yes I know its a weekend, but its the best 2 days of training and fun you’ll get 🙂 Before each event I always recommend Tim Panton’s article on how to prepare for a hackathon, it will ensure you get the best from the weekend.

Hack Name Team Memebers Resources Used Description Link
homerobot Riza Alaudin Syah, Pratama Putra, Akhmad Syaikhul Hadi, Isa Ansharullah, and Abdurrosyid Broto Handoyo Matrix Control your home appliances using chat / IM https://youtu.be/WJrVf1zZuaA
Traaps Masanori Machimura and Kaori Ohara Skyway (WebRTC) Tourist guide using WebRTC https://youtu.be/7Lu5fllPmMs
Emergency Contact Jinichi Ishizaki, Kyoko Minakuchi, Ryoju Ohata, Hiroki Kitabayashi, and Hiroki Maekawa Matrix, Telestax Earliest available emergency content https://youtu.be/8aKCFb-3o68
Konome Masafumi Aida, Go Oshima, and Rie Koido Skyway, Telestax Augmented video comms and calling for people you like https://youtu.be/dZcV6gxdF08
Tardy Support Hironori Fukamachi Telestax, Tropo Late on train can not make a call –   phone call made for you https://youtu.be/Wqp8P57PXhA
Circles Blocks Triangles Ryoji Suzuki, Hiroki Ohba, Mari Sakai, Daisuke Kobayashi, and Hiraku Tezuka Skyway Fun game based on WebRTC https://youtu.be/9FMZhS_5e7Y
Hands free messaging Hamano Tsukasa Matrix Punch to enter Matrix room, context aware (joging / running) https://youtu.be/DR4c55l6KIE
Home controller Makoto Saito Matrix Remote home control using a matrix home server https://youtu.be/L5Le-2dLzbQ
Matching Shun Komuro, Takanobu Inoue, Makoto Yasunaka, Toshihiko Sakai, and Shohei Nishida Skyway WebRTC to match and connect people https://youtu.be/K7Tkk24kOQI
Hologram communication 360 Tooru Akizuki Skyway Face detection and transition onto tablet based 3D device https://youtu.be/mS0edMglcEY
3Dchatroom Ryan Miller
Omar Osorio
Jose Lopez”
Skyway 3D chat using WebRTC https://youtu.be/dXaQeSJG2jk
just-text.us Vince Puglia Telestax SMS based CRM https://youtu.be/wM2OnHmksbk
SpeakBack Erik Beijer, Ryan Bril, Maikel Vreugde, Michael Jepson, Bas Peters, Dion Segijn VoxImplant Presentation overlay enabling audience to connect with the speaker and ask questions by mobile phone. https://youtu.be/V8aNroTHYcM
Call ME Federico Cabiddu, Giacomo Vacca, Marco Barre, Karel Bourgois Telestax, Apidaze, Truphone Receive calls on multiple numbers and via the web, and benefit from a great video-voicemail with transcription https://youtu.be/DXEXjUwiUus
Prototype of speaker recognition using WebRTC Audio Capture MD Ibrahim Using webrtc to do the authentication using voice data https://youtu.be/OYYR5pCiSuw
Crowdsalers Jean-Luc Nguyen Circuit Module that can be plugged on any marketplace product page to allow customers to interact with other customers and product specialists via text, voice and video chat https://youtu.be/weEzqUF61iY
Whatshack reverse to phonenumers whatspy to WebRTC -social engineering Steven and Rianne Truphone, Apidaze We reverse the OTT closed Whatsapp and want to be create awareness about security holes en privacy problems there is no opt-out for to collection datasets https://youtu.be/kqAZ1okRsQQ
” Caminos del Mundo” – Triggering a Videochat from within Meteor Bart Uelen and friends Apidaze A journey and travellig forappfor organizing in real time your journey’s impressions like photos, text and videos and have people who stayed at home engage in your journey by joining a videochat. https://youtu.be/j7FQstTmRdA
Tadhack-plopplip Habib BEN YAHIA Apidaze Manage appointment with WebRTC, IVR, Voicemail and SMS https://youtu.be/7krl8RRR2BY
Remote-monitor Tim Panton Cisco-spark (+webRTC) Remotely monitor IoT resource on smartphone and IM https://youtu.be/xcDLQyUXuY4
Smart Nephews Noud Esselink real time communication app for webshops https://youtu.be/ZKwPdIJwcLw
Alexa on the Phone Sam Machin Truphone Linking Alexa (Amazon Echo) to the phone to control home lights https://youtu.be/ewQRfsJebbo
Simple Deal Abraham, Jean Michel Apidaze An app for selling things with webRTC technology https://youtu.be/QwZI7UpY-ow
Thermal RTC Vladimir Fun wrap-up WebRTC Demo https://youtu.be/mvX85mNf_UE
Guber Conference Thomas Howe Tropo Clarify Adding voice recognition to conference calling https://youtu.be/0PLpqw7qIFQ
Unity Game with WebRTC Andrey Zakharchenko Dialogic, FlowRoute In and out of game communications https://youtu.be/iUS4ZWXIlAM
Team Vivo Nestor Bermudez & Arin Sime Matrix, Tropo, Telestax Apple Watch app to notify loved ones when you are having a heart attack https://youtu.be/dYrbKSgAZZI
OhNoo alex maties Tropo, Flowroute Help coworkers better respond to emergencies. https://youtu.be/LfxymgGVuQ8
NGPSAP Map Integration Chaz Granholm, Seth Carpenter, Bharat Dialogic, Telesrax NGPSAP Map Integration https://youtu.be/cVvnhrkmDpY
WebBARK J Coleman Matrix, Tropo Web Bot No video
Indigital (team Watney) Corey Wysong
Luis Villaseñor Muñoz
James Kinney
Mark Grady
IMS message center https://youtu.be/dCqlgJ1MuCE
ProbatioNerds Adnan Baleh
Caterina Lazaro
Javier Garcia
Ernesto G. Grabwosky
Sergio Gil
Marion Le Callonnec
Matrix Mobile app to control the robot through WiFi/Intenet https://youtu.be/lCv8dfbwr88
Samaritan Charles Solar, Jiang Shuyang Matrix, flowroute, (ng911, clarify in the works) An platform independent app which allows users to post requests for help
“I got a flat tire!” “My computer crashed!”, etc
and allows others to call / text / video chat with them to solve their problem
Requests based on a location are only broadcast to users in the same area,
quick one click button for emergencies (meeting strangers)
Participants can get paid based on how much they help others (wip)
HackClarify Itua Ijagbone Tropo, Clarify Mobile App that indexes music on my device on clarify servers so I can always search later on. Also using tropo to record my voice journal which is then index on clarify No video
Call Assist Price Tropo Conference call service which creates action items, meetings, and file references based call content. https://youtu.be/DacQNAHkIuE
WebRTCCalling Joe H & Angel R Flowroute Concurrent webrtc calling https://youtu.be/JDUyW2JARvc
FreeSWITCH Brian West FreeSWITCH+Verto Verto, WebRTC collaboration with Video and Screen sharing… and more. https://youtu.be/PWUONihjb20
Mera Software Services Vladimir Matrix + WebRTC + Robotics 🙂 Small robot with telepresence functions controlled over WebRTC data channel https://youtu.be/Jq2vzavYiBI
OmniVox3D Visual IVR Elhum Vahdat Dialogic Powered by the OmniVox3D Application Server and the Dialogic PowerMedia XMS Media Server, OmniVox3D Visual IVR improves first call self-service resolution rates by seamlessly extending the capabilities of a voice-only IVR by transforming it into a collaborative web-based voice and visuals mobile application for smartphones and tablets. https://youtu.be/iHqI7v6OSPo
Third Eye Chad Hart Oracle ThirdEye is a WebRTC powered remote computer vision system for providing intelligent alerts on pre-defined triggers such as motion, person detection, or even if there are kids in view with potential for lots more. It could also be applied to industrial manufacturing situations. Provides alerts where ever you are – local audio/visual, SMS, calls, or email (not all implemented). https://youtu.be/LYnq9dGDl4E
Moos project Ibrahima GAYE Telestax MOOS, is a platform build with components from TELESTAX products (RESTCOMM, Ussd/Smsc GW & JSS7 and Jdiameter ).
The aim is :
1. to aggregate the access code from multiple Telcos and provide to the subscribers and resellers a uniq groupe of service access code that works for all Telcos in the country.
2. Give to the multiple resellers the opportunity to unite and manage their resources (finance, airtime, ….) from a single platform that have access to all Telco sercives
3. Avoid Telcos to have multiple targets for their sales effort because all resellers will be seen as a single entity.
WebRTC based call centre using Dialogic’s Powermedia XMS Gateway Eoghan Ó hUallacháin from Glorsoft Dialogic WebRTC based call centre using Dialogic’s Powermedia XMS Gateway https://youtu.be/eFY57qRfN2U
BallotBox Thomas Howe Bandwidth, Telestax SMS based CRM https://youtu.be/b4P8qDGzYPc
t-care Yessica Helgueros Healthcare application for the eldery https://youtu.be/YFCs5s7hbOE
WebRTC Security Alan Johnston We all know WebRTC has good security, but how secure is it? What about Man-in-the-Middle attacks? https://youtu.be/MOR2AYuRZ48
CarGuard Benigno Hernandez, Carlos Perez, Gabriela Gonzalez and Christopher Hardy Islas Ericsson, Intel, Tropo Our hack resulted half from the huge problem of insecurity in Mexico and half from a personal experience. Sometimes parking lots are not available so you need to park far away from your car and, even when having the alarm activated you can’t hear it, or simply sometimes you could just forget to lock your doors and activate the alarm. This results in vulnerability of your car and your belongings inside.We designed a prototype of device to alert car’s owners when the car alarm is corrupted, someone breaks in the car without permission, someone breaks the windows, something or someone moves or hits the car, or in the worst case when someone steals the car. The most important thing is that is totally independent of the manufacturer or the vehicle’s model. https://youtu.be/uyyK_Ic4El4
SmartHealth María José Bogado and Gustavo Hansen Bandwidth, Ericsson, Intel A hack using IoT health sensors (fitbit, wristbands, headbands, etc) to keep statistics, user patterns and in case of emergency make a call. https://youtu.be/pQe0ukJtKdA
Hasape Alberto, Eric & Pedro Apidaze, Intel Vulnerabilities assesment in IoT devices providing possible quick fix for results found. Runs on Galileo, sends SMS with Apidaze https://youtu.be/9nKp3dseaHE
Galileo Open Sonar Prob Lucas, Marco, Gleny & Gonzalo Intel Build a new Galileo client for Iquall’s Sonar platform – monitoring several probes and running different programmable tasks on each https://youtu.be/ttdaHqNIT1Y
SMARTUNG Ramiro, Hugo & Pablo Ericsson, Intel, Telestax Use IoT, SMS and WebRTC to aid ambulances to get efficiently to their destination https://youtu.be/_4ffUaFTVc8
SignChat Sacha Nacar & Mike Dauphinais Matrix Signing to messaging for chat https://youtu.be/6ybaaMPUVx0
Heart rate monitor Anton & Jonathan Intel, Oracle Heart rate monitor using WebRTC to send data to the doctor https://youtu.be/LgYdT9Q7OWw
BabelRTC Sam Intel WebRTC video chat with real-time transaltion https://youtu.be/QqsOuXA9Ics
Backpacker Telecom Kevin Tropo, Truphone Local numbers for wandering geek https://youtu.be/o03XkGdbrng
No more RCS Rob Matrix Open federation to replace messaging for telephony https://youtu.be/s8zYXU0vB0M
Midin Pedro , Micael , Fabio , Daniela Apidaze, Acision, Matrix Music colaboration online https://youtu.be/b9N0fZSlzH8
TADCall Afonso Oliveira, Joao Trindade, Simon Exposito, Alexandre Goncalves, Bruno Macedo Apidaze Regain control of your mobile phone. Control who can call you, at what time and how frequently. With our solution you can create discardable phone numbers to diferent aspects of your life. Separate you work calls from you personal time. https://youtu.be/HX-9SvpV6PI
Note to selves Steev, Rianne Apidaze WebRTC based to do list https://youtu.be/CGTVtOMZHWw
TADSlack Scott Telestax Phone calls and indexing of recording in Slack https://youtu.be/CqGhv27YNW0
Truphone Twitter Sam / Kev Truphone Update Twitter with an international free phone call https://youtu.be/IcXCiN6c1Uo
Connected Cars Ponvel Srinivasan, Pravin Kumar, Ankit Bharat Tanna,Mohit Baveja Ericsson An app which allows the user to monitor the status of various parts of the car and alert or intimate the emergency contact in time of crisis. This app uses Ericsson’s M2M Data API for the Cars to monitor the parts of the car. https://youtu.be/JKH26gkNBG0
SMART-E Pasan Ranathunga
Ashan Maduranga
Chamath Silva
Sunimal Malkakulage
Samali Liyanage
hSenid Mobile Innovative home automation system to automate houses/small business with added security measures. https://youtu.be/P0pv_svVmzQ
Rapido Shopping Dineth Egodage
Janaka Chathuranga
Heshan Fernando
Shalith Fernando
Lakshan Gamage
hSenid Mobile Location based searching system for buyers and sellers to market their product. https://youtu.be/-IvgrDq9Kkg
Eagle Home Services M.Devishanthini
Ivan D Q Balendra
hSenid Mobile The app joins the Needy (such as plumbing, repair etc) and the Providers (plumber, electricians) through TelCo APIs. https://youtu.be/j7Pbo8E_L04
eCarry Chathura Kankanamge
Nuwan Chathuranga
Anushka Mahesh
Damith Karunarathne
Manoj Fernando
hSenid Mobile Ad-hoc courier service to utilize empty space in vehicles. https://youtu.be/IZJaF_2qxR8
AdMalla Dewmal Nilanka
Sudeshani Eranthika
Pramoda Nadeeshan
Chanaka De Silva
Nishan Pradeep
hSenid Mobile Classified advertisement method for simple and smart phone users. https://youtu.be/G-xO8LGARdI
Team_MOZ Nifras Ismail
Miller Alexander
Biruntha G.
Anusha Harshani
hSenid Mobile Seamlessly connecting riders to drivers through our app, a simple application that show the list of nearby drivers’ select availability to the passengers and vice versa. And let them connect with a peer to peer call. https://youtu.be/-ODqLCgc18M
Sweet Home Ruwan Dissanayaka
Thushara Rankothge
Chandika Kamal Sanjeewa
Sandun Harshana
Lahiru Ruwan
hSenid Mobile IoT application to monitor, control & secure your home & maintain the in- house conditions. https://youtu.be/6ZCWfU5xn_E
Kitcheneour Buddhika Jayawardhana
Manesh Jayawardhana
Chathura Siriwardhana
Jayamini Rodrigo
hSenid Mobile Smart logistic solution for home & Business purposes. https://youtu.be/Lyc3WCzdheg
Joom triggers Gnanakeethan Balasubramaniam
Dayanantha Shanmugaradnam
Thirunilavan Thavabalan
hSenid Mobile platform that serves as an intermediary to save time for students studying in private institutions and universities, thus by leveraging their connection to their professors and teachers. https://youtu.be/bA4bmdzQetw
Day worker finder G.C. J. Kandamby
M.D.T.De Silva
hSenid Mobile Connecting day-workers & people who need their service using simple USSD application. https://youtu.be/m-ptLZR5jd0
Tuk-Tuk Sachira Fernando
Asela Samarapperuma
Nipun Fernando
Ajith Prasanna
hSenid Mobile Transportation App. https://youtu.be/A0T4fr-fRys
Strikers Yasindhu Sandaruwan
Chinthaka Jayamaha
Tharindu Anjula
Nilakshan Balasubramanium
hSenid Mobile Home automation system with a security system. https://youtu.be/iP31sSQmEzA
Greeen Project Haritha Thilakarathne
Thejan Rajapakshe
Milinda Laknath Arambawela
Tharinda Rodrigo
Lahiru Rathnayaka
hSenid Mobile An interactive portal that interconnects the households & waste recycling centers. https://youtu.be/3c_8i6qagww
i-CL Nipuna Cooray
Chameera Dassanayake
Pulani Ranasinghe
Viraj Randeel
Vidu Jayanetti
hSenid Mobile iCL is an intelligent clothesline that communicates with user and acts to his commands. https://youtu.be/HTrsxMUxfRs
Buddy B.M. Zajith
hSenid Mobile “GossApp” is a USSD based application that sends gossips as SMS to users who subscribe the service. https://youtu.be/acLr7mpusyA
Home Buddy Dinanjana Lakshan Gunerathne
Nathiesha Maddage
Yasara Dissanayake
Prasanna Rodrigo
Viraj Madhawa
hSenid Mobile A smart home security device that protects from intrusions, fire & gas leaks and startup on its own. https://youtu.be/wyC0hPU0V84
Car Park M-pay System Sajith Udayanga
Sandun Maduranga
Shivika Pussewela
hSenid Mobile An innovative solution for easy car parking through mobile. https://youtu.be/49qbzMnxu4M
Big-Buddies R.Kumaran
hSenid Mobile There are shops willing to give offers to promote their sales. There are job seekers (part time or full time) who like to earn. This app connects these two parties (shops and jobseekers). https://youtu.be/ijG4r4EwKDQ
Project SWITCH Darshatha Gamage
Binujaya Rajatheja
Sathindu Kavneth
Choxmi Sathsara
Lahiru Koggalahewa
hSenid Mobile An automated system for daily consumer service providers, to detect system failures, alert them to admins and to notify consumers. https://youtu.be/WHUBvn2OG8s
Orange Robotic arm Indika Kulatunga
Yasasween Hewavidana
Malika Manchanayaka
Jonathan Corera
Goyaru Kahakachchi
hSenid Mobile An automated programmable robotic arm with many applications (supermarkets, delivery, etc.). https://youtu.be/7g32roUx1Kk
DIU White Md. Meted Hasan, Me. Mustakim AL Helal, Md. Ahsand Haque, Md. Mahabub Hossain, Md. Shajibul Hasan hSenid Mobile This app will automates the total process between the patient and doctor. It will provides daily health tips anlone with emergency medical assistance. https://youtu.be/gR0Vhhr7Rjo
Comp_EX Khalid Ibn Zinnah, Sadiqul Islam, Mahtabul Alam hSenid Mobile It providing the services for finding Repairman, Labour, Machanics, Electricians. For any daily life Problems. https://youtu.be/vyQ6O-SwRe0
MIST Dreamers Jubayer Hossain, Ferdousur Rahman Shajib hSenid Mobile English-Bangla Dictionary and Artificial intellegence program to answer any question and helping on Education sectors. https://youtu.be/ZAUesl97Axc
Fix Problem Md. Nazmul Hassan, Md. Moshiun Rahman, Md. Abul Faez hSenid Mobile Emergency help services for person/victm face any accident https://youtu.be/6XmLWr1pilY
Equipo Kazi Nafis Istiaque, Sulho Ghosh, Fahem Ashtak, Salam Hossain Saif hSenid Mobile Reduce harassment on women. Raising awareness, filing report and emergency help servies for women. https://youtu.be/eC22rtYkynQ
Creative IT Mohammad Arif, Parithraj Deb, Taiful Haran Mahameed hSenid Mobile This app will notify the farmer about whether conditions updates, fertilizer and other product details used for farming and also they can get their harvest product market prices https://youtu.be/tDFkczL54dg
Unusual use of Matrix rooms Igor Pavlov Matrix Send/Receive SMS in LyteSpark conversations. https://youtu.be/chp8K8Wn6v8
Source Protector Roderick Hodgson Dialogic Voice anonymizer for journalistic sources https://youtu.be/BhGPMnTTXGQ
MemChat Leslie Drewery Dialogic Aid for dementia suffers https://youtu.be/SatzUbH-Gfg
Project Clearwater / Matrix Gateway P2 Matt Williams Matrix Project Clearwater / Matrix Gateway – instant messaging SIP-Matrix https://youtu.be/lyMYbTJTbfk
SmlessConf Phaninder Pasupula Dialogic, Matrix Seamless conferencing within Matrix chat room https://youtu.be/2d7h-na1F6E
Web Music RTC Filippo Aiello Google An example of how WebRTC can support practical activities https://youtu.be/-cWbiRTtqHw
OmniVox3D Visual IVVR Apex Communications Dialogic Interactive Voice and Video response system https://youtu.be/iVkIxporKqc
Invisible Accident Prevention Shimon Doodkin Intel Saving Lives by resolving accidents that can’t be forseen https://youtu.be/sysSC3k-wjI
WeEverywhere Alexei Ilin Dialogic, Intel Real time event sharing https://youtu.be/R_GXZUytq6g
SmartCampus Carlos Moreno, Marta Marin, Jaime Vegas, Manuel Alvarez Campana Intel, Matrix Web visualization tools for environment and mobility sensors deployed for the UPM Smart Campus in the context of the Madrid Smart City activities https://youtu.be/xkef4tJJlco
Augmented Seightseeing Jose Luis Zamorano, Telestax Voice call synchronized with QR scanning applied for tourism audio/video guides https://youtu.be/XfwFomcH5oM
Play My Band Carlos Torrenti, Carlos Verdes, Jaime Casero Telestax Musical video game with multiplayer (up to 3 players) based on WebRTC https://youtu.be/SxF9aohhAsY
CSAcademia Carlos Bello Pauste, Leonardo Quintero Morales Telestax Bulk SMS communication system tocommunicate for the institution to communicate with students, parents, teachers, etc. https://youtu.be/ISgLJh5k0hk
Free Messages Jason Jimenez Matrix Generic chat client allowing various types of chatrooms 1) Severless peer-to-peer chatroom; 2) Local chatroom without Internet connection with clients connected over WIFI or Bluetooth; 3) Public Internet chatroom server. Developed with Python Django and HTML5 and Apache Cordova. https://youtu.be/vQrRJb1rUa4
Web Recording Machine Wenwen Zhang, Andres Vargas Web application for audio chat with addictional voice messaging system based on the WebRTC Lynckia/Licode open source platform https://youtu.be/5w9xRlgvCXc
Hot Potato Adhoc Labs Bandwidth Team Calling iOS App https://youtu.be/alaN7kFMnxc
Arjun Rohit Arjun Rohit Bandwidth Search the web with SMS https://youtu.be/uVxo5a7yT4Y
Blind Date Blue Light Bandwidth Tinder for blind people https://youtu.be/TAJviuubnIU
GoPhone Call Rail Bandwidth, Oracle Instant callcenter in a box https://youtu.be/ytX-vTg5A2E
One Step Beyond Hunter and Matt Bandwidth On Demand Anonymous SMS via Web/Mobile https://youtu.be/5ndAD91PlW0
Text App Joseph Bandwidth Text messaging based contextual advertising and content https://youtu.be/arA2IskYLO4
Gesture Handler Nadir Bandwidth UI Gesture technology contol for calls and messaging https://youtu.be/CzRrDTUGmxM
Catfacts Roman Bandwidth Search and access Wikipedia via SMS/MMS https://youtu.be/KNSHnRXnjN8
Two Touch Truly Wireless Bandwidth UX and discovery of short code messaging usecases https://youtu.be/ngU_2qns7OE
InternetOfCoffee Bertug Berkay Yemen, Fatih Tunahan Dumanli Intel Using HTTP REST Api and Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, the team controlled coffee machine connected to Intel Edison via Relay (Control is over a Windows phone App) https://youtu.be/Vv-3lIp9CrI
F2-EWS Edip Sercan Balkay, Omer Yasin Kolkanat Intel The team used Ardic(Intel’s Local Partner)’s Web APIs(Sensor Reading) , and get CO2 sensor data. https://youtu.be/MGqrwEklTFI
Tweecommand Enis Getmes, Alkin Kaz, Can Erdogan, Ege Mert Ozenir, Alperen Kitapci Intel The team used Tweeter APIs to control a PC and print something from the printer by sending Tweets. https://youtu.be/kHoP9v38VRk
Multi-Call Jose Dominguez,  Jorge Barata, Adrià Massanet Tropo Be able to route an incoming call to different locations including a IPTV https://youtu.be/xq-qzfXJHw0, https://youtu.be/0A1RSIpWp3o
Push Call Ring tone Lucy Friedman, Brian Murphy Acision The person sending the call and push the ring tone towards the receiver of the call https://youtu.be/QOqx6j_8420
Talk to the animals Mary Pidgeon Acision, Telestax How to integrate an IoT device on an animal so they can initiate a call to their owner https://youtu.be/O44qqKUUYHA
Client can store Customer to Customer Agent conversations Neil Flynn Acision Client can store Customer to Customer Agent conversations https://youtu.be/0rkrZQ9FlmE
BNG 911 Amed Arnaout Bandwidth, Telestax Voice to text/text to voice 911 https://youtu.be/ha93ntmdYr8
Inter-E-View V.S.Kashyap Naveen Acision Employment interview using WebRTC https://youtu.be/8FfpfaKHW8k
Connect Me Chetan Acision Shared Interest chat using WebRTC https://youtu.be/5E1oei4Ckn0
Collaborate Ujjwal and Zai Acision Collaboration tool ofr software developers https://youtu.be/lwM_Io8bBUQ
TakeMeThere Norman Montgomery Tropo Travel aid to assist emergency services https://youtu.be/G9BC08I7EZA
Windy City SDR Martin O’Shield Telestax Showcase of Martin’s sofware defined radio https://youtu.be/rS4RkZIUZCc
BEST Framework Franco Ucci
– Clarence Cheah
– Paz Periasamy
– Ashley Cheuk
– Callan Howell-Pavia
Oracle Meerkats, showing how to combine Technologies, that make life better for Communities(Cloud, Mobile, WebRTC, Beacons) using the BEST Framework (Beacons/flag, Engage/analyse, Self/profile,Transact/connect). We will show the BEST Framework is a fast, skinny 20% Approach to delivering 80% Functionality for the Mobile App Experiencein a Community. We will also highlight standing up these facilities,should be as easy as loading your Community Data from text files/spreadsheets. Two Community Examples will be discussed, to demonstrate the BEST Framework. https://youtu.be/YNdXUbN0LxM
Accenture TeleHealthMission John Moses, Shashwat Jaysingh and Praveen Kumar Patidar Oracle An innovative solution using Telco’s services and API’s to provide health are solutions to make this world a better place to live. The world is moving fast with technology. Everyone wants to use this opportunity to receive all services on a finger click. Using these advanced technologies, we can make Health Care, which is everyone’s fundamental right, an easy, anytime and from any where accessible service. This can serve a wide range clients starting from busy executives to aged person in an aged care home, people living in remote areas and countries having less density of doctors. https://youtu.be/X3YdiNdaDsY
Rent Reminder Selin and Lee Oracle, Telestra Rent Reminder – service for renters and landlords. https://youtu.be/GyP-eBFB_g8
Keevio Eye Rob Pickering Matrix Real-time video over WebRTC from a drone in Bletchley Park with a Raspberry Pi blu-tacked (yep that’s correct blu-tacked) to it to run the WebRTC stack. https://youtu.be/TwAb8hur5Pk
Viblast Showcase Svetlin Mladenov WebRTC based peer to peer content delivery network https://youtu.be/enxitfddKLI
WebRTC Computer Vision Andrey Zakharchenko Dialogic, Oracle Analyses a video stream to check if the viewer is watching, and if not sends an alert https://youtu.be/ctFqtydwI88
Wootag Interactive Video Experience Raj Sunder Apidaze Wootag is an interactive video provider, that is they tag videos at particular points with calls to action, and for TADHack they made one of them a ‘click to call’ with Apidaze. Wootag has experimented with click to call services in Indonesia and experienced call through rates as high as 22%, which is amazing compared to western markets. https://youtu.be/5pA6-vY7zRM
Beacon Calling Sam Machin Truphone Sam was showing off his full stack programming skills, with an iOS app, and backend logic using the Truphone API. Its taking calling back to the days when people called places, and if a mobile phone is near a bluetooth beacon the call is diverted from the beacon’s number to the mobile phone number. https://youtu.be/e4toIPXHVpY
Asticus Guilherme Jansen Telestax Good practical demonstration of how easy it has become to create information services for phone numbers. https://youtu.be/uwlSEA8ryPQ
PSTN to LyteSpark Igor Pavlov Apidaze Igor showed how within a couple of hours he had extended the LyteSpark service to any phone https://youtu.be/t40zl2lZd9A
Instant Evaluation Joris Swinnen Kandy / Genband Joris is leading the using of WebRTC to enable communications to be much more deeply analyzed, for example in interviews, but also in patient / healthcare-provider communication. He was excited the the potential Kandy.io has in enabling him to break from his browser applications onto mobile phones, and he explained how he will be developing his commercial app on it. https://youtu.be/0yMq0zwKtVY
ffonio.in Showcase Aswath Rao Aswath announced the technical review phase of ffonio.in, a text voice and video app. https://youtu.be/uCPR0bVDQ7s
Collaborate and Educate Mirko Orehek Dialogic Media Interactive provide a complete elearning platform. They focused on the collaboration aspects of their platform using WebRTC and Dialogic XMS media server to ensure good quality experience on their service. https://youtu.be/5MPpYsF3erQ
Smart Dispatch Sacha Nacar Nexmo, Telestax, Voxbone Nice contextual call dispatcher for mobile agents. Think of it as a WebRTC automatic call distribution, or an Olark for voice. The hack used Telestax / Restcomm, Voxbone and Nexmo. https://youtu.be/juVJHQ6oOfk
Matrix Bot Scott Barstow, Anders Brownworth Matrix A similar configuration to Rob Pickering’s hack with a Raspberry pi using WebRTC for the video and using Matrix.org for the signalling to control the robot https://youtu.be/l1TJDAkyo2Y
Number Mapper Sebastian Schumann Nexmo, Telestax A great demonstration of how open source and telecom APIs have revolutionized service development. Something that once cost millions and could take over a year to build, is now possible in 14 hours. https://youtu.be/W85UOW5Iagk
WebRTC Lights Neil Stratford Matrix Neil’s hack was a great mash-up of the physical (individually addressable LED light strip) and using a Matrix room to control the LED lights. The applications of this hack are endless, e.g. corporate interactive signage , at parties, etc. https://youtu.be/GvHVYB9lBtg
Co-browsify Žilvinas Račyla and Augustinas Bacvinka These internet developers were wowed at the potential of WebRTC and applied it to their co-browsing service, they are looking forward to doing much more with WebRTC after their experience at TADHack. https://youtu.be/SzJNEJ-Pjuw
Project Clearwater / Matrix Gateway Matt Williams Matrix, Metaswitch Matt gatewayed the IMS world with any ‘matrixed-in’ communication island, using WebRTC for the media. https://youtu.be/1F0O83aWDwQ
TeachMusicRTC Francesco Canessa, Filippo Oretti WebRTC TeachMusicRTC was an impressive combination of WebRTC and a number of JavaScript libraries that enabled tone detection. It enables remote music classes, where the student can follow the teacher on the keyboard. https://youtu.be/kAT2zbGH10U
Kamailio Open Source VoLTE Carsten Bock Truphone This pitch showed even the core of telco networks are going open source. This was a more industry focused hack, but we’re hoping for TADHack Global (at least in Lisbon) we can have a private LTE network to hack on, where developers can get in and play with the guts of the network https://youtu.be/RwT5zx4PoYk
Real Time Quiz Jaime Casero Telestax Real time quiz https://youtu.be/NECVtxadGgE
Famous4Money Jairo Canales, Francisco, Sergio, Mar, and Natalia humanitarian app using communications to help celebrities raise cash for causes https://youtu.be/5FRmc48fcWI
BRIDGE Jose Rodriguez and team Huawei, Truphone WiFi sharing and gaining insight by sharing WiFi https://youtu.be/CLgRYzRBv44
RTCEmergency Rob Pickering Google Using WebRTC to provide an enhancement layer for emergency calls https://youtu.be/CCeT91dxqsY
eFace2Face Banking Sergio Garcia Murillo Google WebRTC to improve the online banking experience using secure high-quality browser-based video and audio, dynamic application and content sharing, and an electronic signature process. https://youtu.be/EzPJXC2fL-I
WebRTC Real Estate Frank Zhu (Doug Tait presenting) Apidaze, Oracle WebRTC based Real Estate Demo https://youtu.be/DoWgIHvNk00
Trusted Payments with SIP Will Mitchell OnSIP Trusted payments using SIP https://youtu.be/rREB3wprF-w
WebRTC Customer Care / Telco Payments Marcus Oracle WebRTC Customer Care / Telco Payments https://youtu.be/AaE94Bnjiek
WhatsPeer Luis, Maria and Alex Google rivate version of Whatsapp using WebRTC, returning people’s privacy. https://youtu.be/TPVzWJltlJw
Fair Share Fairwaves Team Tropo Fairshare, which used Fairwave’s UmSITE that run the Osmocom software stack with SIP and SMPP as external interfaces for calls and SMS. This hack focused on rural areas of emerging markets to make mobile more available and prevent abuse. As the mobile network approaches saturation, people who’ve been on calls the longest get removed for people who’ve not made a call in a while.   Everyone gets a fair share of the limited network mobile network resources. https://youtu.be/QCkOhq8NOso
3DWebRTC Asier Arranz Oracle WebRTC to create interactive 3D experiences in presentations. https://youtu.be/8JmhfoQ0mUE
Super Streamer Arjun Kamath and Ella Kaila Nexmo WebRTC to broadcast video, not just peer to peer. https://youtu.be/JY8x-xHqJG0
Rich Number Database Dennis Kersten Nexmo Nexmo “number inside API” to enhance the user experience of his virtual PBX service https://youtu.be/1kHIlfbOXkY
MEYUI Pierre and team from Kairos Lab Ubuntu Evolved from speech to text, to subtitling the spoken word, to a hypervoice application. https://youtu.be/ABLcPQ-jP68
Fragment Tim Panton Tropo, Truphone, Voxbone Fragment, which reinvents the returns process for packages. https://youtu.be/emjBx0TX3wE
010tct Joris Swinnen Apidaze WebRTC to make it easy to meet people in an audio or video conference. https://youtu.be/v36CqfsYSfo
FakeBTS Pedro Cabrera Detection of Fake BTS https://youtu.be/diwuLF5IleU
Digital Irigation Thusyanthan Arulsodhy and team hSenid Mobile The goal of this team is to improve irrigation systems and save one of our most valuable natural resources: water.   Their system does this job by automating the process of configuring sprinklers as their name suggests. https://youtu.be/iN8gyjLX0vQ
Waste Master A. W. U. B. Ambagaspitiya and team hSenid Mobile Waste master isn’t aiming to redesign the wheel: rather it’s plan is to take existing waste management technologies and improve their efficiency. In simple terms, it’s kind of like a mobile trash trunk hailing system. Once a user signs up for the service, they get notifications of when a trash truck is nearby. Miss a trash truck? No problem, you can simply send an SMS and the trash truck comes to you. Additionally, subscribers also receive information on environmental protection plans as well as dumping locations. https://youtu.be/cft8GphuHS8
TrackM Lahiru Wijesundara and tream hSenid Mobile Aims at easing the wait we all suffer at bus stands by delivering the information as to how far the bus is to your location by delivering the ETA of said bus thanks to a simple GPS device (which costs around Rs. 60,000) that would be installed on the bus. https://youtu.be/wwrkPIMG9eE
QR aID R. Kumaran and team hSenid Mobile Project that aims to save lives of injured people with the power of QR codes. So how does it work? Well picture a scenario where someone gets injured. You rush over to save said injured person who has a card with the QR code. This QR code which contains basic medical information of the person such as age, blood type and so on is scanned by you. https://youtu.be/3RXaSoieDpo
Job Wallet hSenid Mobile Job Wallet allows daily wage workers to find jobs and also for employers to not only post jobs but also find the most suitable employee for the job by checking out their profile and rating along with their location. https://youtu.be/Wd9FJE8yhZI
DIY Chamil Kandamby and team hSenid Mobile Do It Yourself telco app which allows you to develop simple apps on top of it in a drag and drop environment. These aren’t complete standalone apps however; you’ll need to visit a URL to use it so you’ll need a web browser. As for what services it supports the list seems to be well everything according to the team. As part of their testing, the team built an app which would retweet everything under the hashtag: #TADHack. How did it work out? So well that their account got temporarily suspended for too many retweets! https://youtu.be/2CUPoJRN8p0
Vconnect hSenid Mobile Creating a system which aims to improve the connection between farmers and customers by cutting out the middle men involved and thereby give the farmers more money https://youtu.be/OHRhidHs04Q
OfferHut Ruwan Dissanayaka and team hSenid Mobile This project for shop owners is an advertising platform for them to publish and advertise the latest deals they have, whereas customers can use this USSD app to find out the latest deals around them. http://blog.tadhack.com/2014/07/21/developer-spotlight-extrogene-offerhut/ https://youtu.be/NWpZ31J3r0U
Mpay M.A.Sajith Udayanga and team hSenid Mobile simplify M-commerce with vending machines. It works like a typical m-commerce application where you place the order via ussd code on your phone. You then receive a PIN number after paying for it with your mobile account. Once you give this PIN number to the vending machine located at the shop either on the day you place the order or the next day, you get your product. https://youtu.be/wXDp4cnIoTM
RedDrops Nifras and team hSenid Mobile Aimed at simplifying the process of blood donation. If an emergency occurs and a donor’s blood is required then the blood bank sends a message to the operator who in turn would send messages to donors with the required blood type. https://youtu.be/t0lrgsv3OVQ
M2Mlantern hSenid Mobile Using SMS and USSD to control a lamps color https://youtu.be/9xQUzMDVET8
APIMash Sai Pramod Upadhyayula Nexmo WebRTC chat with SMS https://youtu.be/Nqjm8YdH5Q8
Hola Home Abdulrhman Arnaout, Tameem Imamdad, and Raed Tawil Nexmo Using sms and telephony to remotely control the home, in this case the garage door, and hear it openning / closing https://youtu.be/niekH9rhlLo
ClassME Laura, Andrea, Dave Apidaze, Nexmo Virtual teaching https://youtu.be/APeHy96nXRI
SUARA by Iridea Iridea Community reporting of pot holes https://youtu.be/HyLo1EJX35g
Tag A Price with USSD and LBS Services hSenid Mobile ‘Tag a Price’ by Tang Tung Ai, an interactive app that helps consumers get the best grocery prices. With USSD and LBS, non-smartphone users (a large and important segment in the Malaysian market) will be able to use the services as well. https://youtu.be/znsTRSscMXg
My Mobile University Rani Wemel and Wemel Cumavoo A learner is able to access thousands of digital resources from MyMobileUniversity’s 20+ channels in the form of courses, e-books video, etc, via Universities and College programs; Entrepreneur and Business Programs; Computer Science and IT Programs inclusive of Mobile App Development Programs; Professional Courses, Soft Skills and Skills Training for Workplace; Global Health and Medicine; Programs for Teachers; Programs for Teens and Children; Worldwide Radio and News; Video Talks and Lectures; Life Skills and Lifestyle Programs covering Motivation, Music, Art and Hobbies; Education Software Tool. Today one is able to learn from anywhere at any time. https://youtu.be/d3wuR4zDSiQ
ByeByeQueue Queue avoidance, receive notification when coffee is ready https://youtu.be/BgO2hGmRYf4
PhonePay Steve and Cad Globe charging API Selling goods via the phone https://youtu.be/vCQQr7Bt5wk
TipTheGeeks Matt and Mickey Globe charging API Paying for advice from geeks https://youtu.be/xgAOfMuBBp8
TexTrade Juan and team SMS API SMS capable eCommerce platform for SMB https://youtu.be/ctMuNxYLYUk
ShakeCast Cedric and team Tropo Shake phone and make an emergency call https://youtu.be/FB3JtBiHOKo
MeetPlus Tropo Meet management tool using SMS https://youtu.be/Gy8Nirfw7n0
FLO VoiceAPI Create apps using voice and SMS https://youtu.be/1FneKhvBogY
AnYare Marte Soliza and Beato Bongco Tropo AnYare that allows users to hear updates from their team anytime, anywhere. It does this by calling all members at a configurable time and recording their answers. These can be retrieved by simply calling the app or downloaded through the web interface. https://youtu.be/YO2uJ9pAbMw
SS7 Vulnerabilities and Tool to detect them Akib Sayyed Telestax Explaining SS7 vulnerabilities and tool to detect whether this vulnerabilities exist in ss7 network. https://youtu.be/lcwPNR1BELI
Aero Safe Akib Sayyed Telestax Possible attack on GSM air interface which can be exploited by hackers to gain profit. We have developed tool which can detect if such attack is possible in network or not. https://youtu.be/NR7lyliK0ME
SmartM Care Prashant Lamba WebRTC Phonologies’ SmartM Care hack submitted at TADHack 2014. Smart M care is a mobile customer care and workforce management SaaS platform. Uses APIs from Google (WebRTC), ZenDesk, Facebook, Google Maps among others. https://youtu.be/dfMDqlP4CPI
Phone Medication Reminders for Elderly People Kwido Tropo, WebRTC, Ubuntu Phone Medication Reminders for Elderly People https://youtu.be/YP7m3iM5vTs
ParkuestTH José Carlos López Ubuntu Solve the problem of finding and paying for parking https://youtu.be/bumjQY5g250
WebRTC Click-to-Call and Phone using Oracle WSC Andrey Zakharchenko Oracle WebRTC Click-to-Call and Phone using Oracle WSC https://youtu.be/VVcnsXsT5Cg
Priophone Priologic Oracle The PrioPhone softphone calls out to the traditional phone system through the Oracle Communications WebRTC Session Controller which provides a highly secure and scalable platform for WebRTC and a gateway to existing systems. WebRTC allows peer-to-peer communications including video chat and text messaging. PrioPhone is designed to integrate with enterprise directory systems making it ideal for simplifying internal communications. https://youtu.be/dQRDFh56JRI
Find Your Family Thomas Howe Nexmo SMS based directory search for displaced families https://youtu.be/w7REBmFFXCs
Speak2Leads Lead Response Speak2leads Tropo Get in contact with leads as soon as possible https://youtu.be/6ojDelMPBec
Deep Contexting with WebRTC Aswath Kajana WebRTC This is a hack submitted to TADHack 2014 to highlight how context information can be delivered to the receiver of a session initiation. It exploits the parametrization and redirection capabilities of HTTP URI. https://youtu.be/qhBRpioKeWw
BMMCO: Big Markets for Micro Companies (Multi e-store/sales externalization) Yessica Helgueros Apidaze, Nexmo, Oracle Multi e-store for micro and small companies, operated by itself &/or by the personalized store of the sales externalization force. https://youtu.be/uJBMZWjiQMs
myVirtualLesson Vince Puglia Tropo myVirtualLesson — this hack allows golf instructors to connect to their students remotely from anywhere in the world using WebRTC for voice and sharing video real time. https://youtu.be/Pmkv5ugY7wg
NGS – Next Generation Support Carlos Ruiz Díaz Open source platform for CRM https://youtu.be/imxC9SGZq6E
Wearables using @SKYNETim & @Tropo Chris Matthieu Tropo Wearables using @SKYNETim & @Tropo https://youtu.be/DQdJ5wL8zow
is-pos Sebastian Acosta Checa Google, Huawei, Nexmo, Oracle, Ubuntu Our mission is to support small and medium businesses in emerging markets
with low-cost, innovative technologies and tools.
The products that compose our platform are: ISPOS, ISMINING, IS-
IMS in Minutes Metaswitch, Telestax, Ubuntu Metaswitch, Telestax, Ubuntu Demonstration of full IMS being deployed in minutes using juju charms https://youtu.be/bxPZfkp8b5c
BURTL Telstra, Locatrix Telstra, Locatrix Developed by Telstra, Blurtl (TM) is an exciting new app that lets Facebook fans express themselves with audio (rather than written) status updates and wall posts, via their mobile phone. https://youtu.be/O9YB52wOFnU