TADMeetup Singapore and CommunicAsia

TADMeetup SingaporeWe have a bunch of TADHack sponsors (Forge by Acision, hSenid Mobile, Tropo) and people involved meeting up in Singapore for a TADHack / WebRTC Meetup on the 2nd June 6:30PM to 8:30PM, at JFDI.Asia at 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #05-16. We were unable to get a TADHack Singapore location running this year, I’ll avoid descending into a rant, I tried. But that does not mean Singaporeans should miss out on the chance to showcase their talent on the world-stage. We accept remote entries to TADHack. Note last year remote entries were more likely to win. At the meetup we’ll be sharing some of the developer resources available from the sponsors to give you an inside-edge, and answer any questions. And Temasys will be their to give an update on WebRTC. Some of the benefits of taking part in TADHack include:

  • Students can showcase their talent to innovative companies, and do land some sweet jobs. Just yesterday Cisco bought Tropo, one of TADHack’s sponsors. Last year Comverse bought Solaiemes a 2014 sponsor. TADHack is backed by innovative leading edge companies, great places to start your career.
  • For those working in a business, it really doesn’t matter what business you’re in, at TADHack you can see how telecom technologies can improve your business. Uber and Airbnb have created billion dollar businesses using these capabilities – copy their lead before someone else does and starts disrupting your business.
  • For those working in telcos and also their vendors TADHack enables you to see first hand how all the cool technology and platforms are transforming service creation. You do not need to wait years and spend millions for new services, its hours and most of it is running on open source software. TADHack is the best and most fun 2 days of training you’ll get this year! If you’re in the telecoms business you should be taking part in TADHack.
  • And yes, there is $35k in prizes. So you have fun, meet cool people, hack, and a good chance at winning some cash.

Check out this article on why TADHack is for Everyone!

During the day of the 2nd June I’ll be chairing the CommunicAsia stream on” Telecom App Development” from 10:55AM-5PM. Some of the highlights include:

  • Toby Ruckert, Unified Inbox and David Walsh, Shango sharing the importance of linking the telephone number to services on the web and in the network. Shango provides BOTH the services through their service partners (Unified Inbox) AND the glue between services on the web and in the telco’s network. With the necessary adaptors to the network, business support systems, and Telco apps. It gets around the big headache of working directly with telcos, their silly integration requirements and ridiculously slow processes. I review Shango in more detail in this weblog.
  • I’ll be presenting on the role of telecom appilcation development is Asia, a preview of the slides is shown below.
  • We’ll have a “Service Innovation Spotlight: A Dialog Axiata Case Study” presented by both Dialog Axiata and hSenid Mobile.
  • A panel “Developers Talk: Reality of Building Apps for Telcos – What Has Been Done and What Are The Challenges?” – this will be a funny and quite likely brutal panel.
  • We wrap up the day with “Case Study: Building Telco Appstore: Where Are We Today?” by Richard Im, Huawei – knowing Richard this will be an very un-Huawei presentation, I’m looking forward to that.

And after CommunicAsia, we’re off the the TADHack / WebRTC Meetup. See you there, its going to be fun 🙂