TADMeetup NJ #2

TADMeetup NJThe 2nd TADMeetup will be on Wednesday 16th July at Dialogic’s old offices, 1515 Route 10, Parsippany, NJ 07054. The focus of this event will be a very quick review of what happened at TADHack in June, as most of the content is online for you to review at your leisure. The bulk of the time will be spent on 4 demos, 3 focused on WebRTC and one on interactive sports experience from a local NJ start-up.

These three links have everything you need from TADHack:

The four demos are:

1. Deep Contexting with WebRTC by Aswath Kajana

With this hack, when somebody initiates a WebRTC session, you will be able to know the context of the session. Or, if a customer visits your ecommerce store and clicks the chat link, you will be able to see information about the customer. You can see the the demo of this hack in the TADHack remote entry playlist.

2. myVirtualLesson

TADHack winner Vince Puglia will show his TADHack submission –a remote golf instruction application. This application includes WebRTC, live video recording with playback, and on-screen mark-up. The demo includes Dialogic’s PowerMedia XMS media server and the Phono JavaScript API from Tropo. You can see the the demo in the TADHack remote entry playlist.

 3. Flexible Multi-party UI with a WebRTC MCU

Dialogic will demonstrate how to provide a fully-featured multi-party conference using PowerMedia XMS media server. The demo incudes integration with the popular open-source EasyRTC node.js-based WebRTC platform. PowerMedia XMS optimizes performance by mixing all parties into a single, synchronized downstream to limit client bandwidth and processing requirements. A special EasyRTC JavaScript client uses the HTML5 canvas to decompose this multi-party stream into individual attendees, giving the UX developer complete control over how each participant is shown. Other features of the media server including stream insertion, active talker detection, and recording.

4. Kiswe Mobile demo of “Mystics Live” interactive sports experiences

Kiswe Mobile is looking to bring live sports events to mobile device in an interactive manner. Kiswe was founded on the belief that watching sports on a mobile device needs to be interactive and lean forward and hence fundamentally different than the traditional TV experience. We are building a highly personalized and immersive experience on your mobile device. Think “watch a game like you play a game.” We have launched our first app with the Mystics WNBA team. The app is called “Mystics Live” and allows local fans to choose their own camera angles, replays, and game statistics. Kiswe Mobile is based in Murray Hill NJ and is actively recruiting mobile developers. Kiswe was founded by Jeong Kim, Wim Sweldens, and Jimmy Lynn.

See you soon for a fun, informal and interactive meetup to share experiences and network around telecommunication related services and hacks.