Voice APIs in the Philippines

I’ve reviewed a number of businesses running on voice APIs this year, including: Crunched (love their service, especially now it supports wideband voice), Telesmart, myaNUMBER, Drum by Netdev.  There’s no doubt there’s a business in Telecom APIs, seriously, there are still deniers out there (mostly within Telcos).  And it’s good to see this knowledge spreading to the Philippines with Globe Labs – Developers Day : Power up with Voice! on April 13, 2013.

At the event they will be having a developer preview of the new Globe Labs Voice API, where developers can learn, build and launch apps with voice capabilities that can be easily integrated to the popular programming languages.  Globe’s partner for the voice API is Voxeo Labs, they will be there to conduct the workshop. Congratulations to Voxeo Labs, they review the event on their Tropo weblog.

The functionality exposed by Globe’s voice API includes:

  • Make a Call : Have your application dial a SIP address or better yet an actual phone number. You can call even more than one number or SIP address with just 2 lines of code.
  • Call Control : With the API you can route a call to another phone number or SIP address, reject a call without even answering or even have other callers to join in for a conference call.
  • Speech Recognition: Not just the tone touch input. The API gives your caller the capability to talk back to your application, and by simply tell the API what are the expected words as the valid answer.
  • Recording : Going beyond speech recognition, the API has the capability to transcribe the caller’s responses to text and you can easily save it to your database, or perhaps record their responses in part or whole as audio files.

Below is an interview with Greg Igaya, head of Strategic Partnerships and Innovation for Digital Media at Globe about their voice API event.