Hybrid TV Questionnaire

Early IPTV deployments showed customers expect firstly a broadcast TV experience. The on-demand experience is secondary. Hence the entry level IPTV bouquet (set of channels) must include the region’s ‘standard’ broadcast quality package.

Hybrid TV is where an IPTV connection and either a digital terrestrial, cable or satellite connection are delivered to the STB (Set Top Box); providing a full broadcast package and a rich on-demand service.

Examples of Hybrid TV services include:

  • BT Vision which uses FreeView (digital terrestrial TV) for the broadcast channels, other operators following this model include Fastweb, Telecom Italia, JazzTel and Telefonica.
  • Canal+ Le Cube whose satellite STB also includes an internet connect for video content (though more internet TV that IPTV (no managed IP access) I’ll let is pass as Hybrid TV.
  • Verizon FiOS which uses MoCA (Multimedia over Coax) for the delivery of VoD and widgets, rather than over the digital cable multiplex.

The purpose of the Hybrid TV questionnaire is to gather requirements, opinions and experiences on Hybrid TV.  Please click here to take the survey, I’ll share the findings on my weblog.