Enabling the Multi-Screen Experience: Case Studies in Third Party Multi-Screen Services

Yesterday (3rd Feb) I gave a presentation at the SCTE (Society of Cable Telecommunication Engineers) Canadian Summit in Toronto on “Enabling the Multi-Screen Experience: Case Studies in Third Party Multi-Screen Services.” In it I reviewed the need for change in how operators create new services, explained the role of Open Innovation, and used a simple home surveillance service, Home Camera, as a case study.  The presentation is shown below.

In a recent IDC report, “Securing the Bundle: How Home Security and Monitoring and reduce Cable/Telco Churn,” showed the significant impact services such as Home Camera can have in retaining and attracting customers.

Given many MSOs (Multi-Service Operators) have pulled back on their mobile plans, and the threat posed by the PS3, Wii, TiVo, Xbox, Apple TV, etc. is not receiving the press of the Apple App Store – see this article for more information on the emerging service platform threats.  The drive to meet this emerging threat was not that apparent.  Because MSOs act in unison trough the industry leadership of Cable Labs and the SCTE; they have perhaps the best chance of success as an industry in the unified adoption of service innovation compared to disparate initiatives of their mobile and fixed ‘cousins.’  Or perhaps the MSOs have decided the utility model, a best in class pipe, is the best option rather than fight in the services domain?