O2 Litmus: Fundamentally changing the Application Developer Community Landscape

O2 Litmus, O2’s planned co-development community, headed by James Parton is not yet launched, but its unique approach already has the internet chattering about what is coming with articles in Paul Golding’s WirelessWanders, Contagious Magazine, MobileNews, and Infibeam to name just a few.

I must disclose that I was fortunate to be asked by James to help him in talking extensively with developers around the world; to listen to what they need; their problems in developing and launching applications on mobile and broadband networks; their problems in working with operators; understanding from them what works and what does not work in the many operator and internet-centric application developer communities; and gaining their frank feedback on the ideas behind O2 litmus.  It was the most extensive research project I’ve seen in this space.

I’ve helped a number of operators around the world in understanding the potential of harnessing the service innovations coming from the internet.  In my opinion, O2 has made the right critical first step in treating developers as customers, listening to their needs, and crafting O2 Litmus to meet those needs.  Check out O2 Litmus, and sign-up for when it soon goes Alpha; it has the potential to fundamentally change the application developer community landscape, providing a template for the rest of the telecom industry.

3 thoughts on “O2 Litmus: Fundamentally changing the Application Developer Community Landscape

  1. Wessel van Rensburg

    I just signed up for the service.
    I must say that the number of API’s available (location, network, charging) is a bit dissappointing. But I guess its a start.
    I also wonder whether the Operators should not be doing this jointly. Developers really should not have to sign up to 3 or 4 platforms per market.

  2. Alan Quayle

    Hi Wessel,
    I understand your frustration, please give O2 Litmus some time to achieve its full potential. At launch its only a fraction of what it will become (I hope).
    The point you raise on co-ordination is spot-on. There is an initiative from the GSMA to create a common spec. In Norway the co-ordination between the operators was essential to the success of CPA (Content Provider Access) compared to its neighbor Sweden.
    I’ve introduced the operators leading and creating these initiatives, in an attempt to garner co-ordination. I hope you’ll see some of the smaller operators joining larger initiatives, or at the very least closely copying them. The industry realizes it needs to co-ordinate, unfortunately human nature always acts in self-interest, so its going to take a couple of years to get it right. However, you are going to see at least a couple of the multi-national operators getting their act together later this year.
    So focus on the platforms that help you get to cash fast, and are focused on your needs as a developer. By allowing the good programs to flourish you’ll steer the operators in the right direction.
    Best Regards,

  3. James Parton

    Hi Wessel,
    Thanks for the feedback. Yes I know things are looking a little sparse at the moment in terms of API’s in to the O2 UK network.
    We have plans to increase these significantly over the year, and if you have signed up you can check out our road map thoughts in the Developer forum of the site.
    At the moment we are most excited about one API in particular, and its the one we think sets Litmus apart from other offerings – it’s the customer API. e.g. you have direct access to O2’s customers to refine your ideas and to sell your finished apps to.
    Our initial marketing campaign to promote Litmus to selected O2 customers begins this month so activity should start to kick start soon.
    As Alan says it’s very early days for us, but the more developers join and feedback the better it will become.
    To your last point, I agree. Conversations are beginning.

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