How TMO Says Goodbye

We recently moved mobile carrier, our monthly bill is close to one third of what we were paying with TMO (T-Mobile).

Today we received one letter for each phone on the family plan asking for the return the CellSpot router, which we received back in 2015, yep about 6 years ago. See label below on the bag I received the router in. I think the equipment has amortized to zero. Of course this request has nothing to do with the equipment cost recovery, and everything to do with charging a $99 non-return fee.

The instructions, below, assume you’ve kept everything. Which given my experience of US mobile carriers, I did. The CellSpot router was advertised as free, with of course small print. I wonder how many customers do not have a clue where their CellSpot router is after 6 years? I bet it’s over 50%. And how many have the box if came in, perhaps <10%?

Before TMO we were previously with Verizon Wireless, but their international roaming packages sucked compared to the TMO’s unlimited bundle, plus TMO allowed tethering without silly fees. My wife was not initially happy with the move to TMO, especially when trying to call our health insurance while our son was going into anaphylaxis from a wasp sting at hospital less than a mile from our home, there was not enough TMO wireless signal to maintain a call. I got the CellSpot router after that palava.

So here is the 6 year old TMO CellSpot router wrapped up and sent off. What’s the betting it goes straight into recycling? This is “How TMO Says Goodbye.”