IMS World Forum Workshop: IMS and WebRTC

IMS World ForumIMS may not be everyone’s ‘favorite cup of tea’, but it’s there in most networks. Put simply, for any operator migrating their services to IP, and in particular voice, what choice do you have? But rather than complain about architectural correctness, it’s time to get over the silly academic architectural wars and focus on services and customers. In the limit that is what will define business success, not what’s hidden away in the network, but the services customers experience every day.

On Monday 28th April in Barcelona we’ll be running an intense workshop entitled “IMS World Forum Pre-Conference Workshop: A New Wave of Communication Service Innovation: IMS and WebRTC.”   We’ve brought together the leading vendors working on the convergence of IMS and WebRTC.  IMS WebRTC Workshop attendees will hear some industry changing revelations, witness some quite robust discussions, gain a solid foundation on how to build your IMS/WebRTC plans / services, with an agenda packed with real world insights and experience from the leading practitioners NOT people who just talk for a living.

The agenda will be:

13.45 Introductions

14.00 IMS and WebRTC: What does it mean and where is it going? – Alan Quayle

  • Overview of current IMS status
  • Deployments based on global survey run every 2 years
  • Review of taking ecosystem based approach in developing new services

14.30 Bridging IMS into the 21st century with Open Source software – Metaswitch

  • Project Clearwater is IMS re-imagined for the cloud.
  • Keeping aligned with the objectives of network functions virtualization and enables network operators to compete far more effectively with OTT services.

15.00 Afternoon Break

15.15 Bridging the network divide – Opencloud

  • Adapting signaling solutions to enable operators to take legacy services forward into IMS
  • Harmonized legacy-IMS service layers to reduce the barriers of service innovation

15.45 Rich Communications and WebRTC – Solaiemes

  • WebRTC is the perfect tool to evolve the telco communications
  • Telco comms available ubiquitously also allowing number based telephony with OTT identities

16:15 Bridging the Internet and IMS with WebRTC – Oracle

  • Application authentication, control, and network synchronization
  • Rapid application integration and interworking with existing systems
  • High capacity media handling for NAT traversal, encryption, and transcoding

16.45 Apps in your calls – Where IMS differentiates – Tropo

  • Differentiating using core IMS capabilities to build a new class of apps in call
  • Ameche enhances comms by enabling developers to mash-up telco capabilities with cloud services

17.15 Wrap up discussion and Q&A on the new wave of innovation

17.30 Close of workshop