Independent Review of Telecom APIs, Friday 20th Sept 2013 at the SDP Global Summit

The presentations for the post-conference workshop, Independent Review of Telecom APIs, are together and they are exciting.  I’m proud and humbled that the world-leading experts listed below are willing to give their time for this post-conference workshop:

  • Dan Burnett, chief Scientist at Tropo, one of the editors of the WebRTC spec, and author of ‘The WebRTC book’ I recently reviewed.  We’ll be able to have an in-depth WebRTC discussion as well as Telecom API discussion.
  • Jean Deruelle, GM and co-founder of Telestax. Mobicents SIP Servlets lead. Ex Member of JBoss, on the open source Mobicents Communications Platform.
  • Juan Mateu, CEO of Solaimes, who continues to build out the most important aspect of RCS after interop / roaming, that is the APIs as A2P is what will drive RCS not the wishful thinking on P2P OTT competition.
  • And the founders of, Luis and Philippe .  Check out the new Apidaze CEO, Richard Lalande, previously the co-founder of SFR – wow!  Philippe Sultan wrote the book on Asterisk (in French) and developed and maintained unified communications applications based on opensource software (Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, Kamailio, ejabberd, Red5).  Luis Borges Quina is a serial entrepreneur and the driving force behind Apidaze.

I will provide a frank and independent review of Telecom APIs, to help you understand the reality behind the vendor and analyst hype, the practical realities of Telecom APIs the marketing echo-chamber of the online media never touch upon. This is a critical point, I am not trying to make you buy a platform so a business can be sold making the investors / founders richer and you’re unlikely to ever see again.  I’ve been providing my frank independent advice for the past 10 years (as of November this year) and will be around providing my frank independent advice for at least the next 20 years.  Bear this fact in mind when evaluating data from different sources.  Think. do not believe!

My session will then be followed by detailed and quantified case studies on the application of successfully deploying telecom APIs from Apidaze, Telestax, Solaiemes, and Tropo:

  • Mobicents is trusted by 80% of the world’s Tier 1 telecoms and thousands of enterprises.  Telestax will discuss a case study with one of their customers in the health care space, who integrated cutting edge sensor technologies with Restcomm (based on Mobicents) – telco API to create a mission critical system that quite literally saves lives on a daily basis.
  • Solaiemes’ RCS API is deployed by several telcos.  It is being used by telcos and enterprises (including banks) to create new self-service interactions based on Instant Messaging. Solaiemes will describe how the APIs exposed from the RCS messaging platform are creating new interaction experiences, and discuss the learning to date from these deployments.
  • Tropo API is used by many businesses, e.g. Crunched, Speak2Leads,, TeleSmart, they run their business on Tropo.  Tropo will share the secrets of their success, to help Telcos build their telecom API business success.  As well as I’m sure an interesting discussion on WebRTC.
  • The customers of Apidaze’s Telecom API include SaaS providers, affiliate marketing networks, media agencies and e-commerce sites.  Apidaze will share their experiences through quantified case studies of how their customers have created new business applications on Telecom APIs to grow revenues, improve customers’ experiences and improve operations.

The workshop provides a frank and independent review of the status of the market including many detailed case studies to help you identify where to place your bets for 2014.  Consolidate your Telecom API learning from the SDP Global Summit into a clear view of what it means to your business with this one day workshop.