WebRTC Stats – Bring out your voice, video and real-time data over the Web Stats

Arnaud Budkiewicz, CEO and founder of Bistri, has launched WebRTCStats with AddLive, UberConference, Drum, Symonics, Twelephone, Apidaze and Zingaya as a start.  Many of whom demoed at the WebRTC workshop last month.  And the support of Phil Edholm, Tsahi Levent-Levi, myself and Dean Bubley.  The aim is simply to get the data out there on how WebRTC and all the other Web-based communications technologies are being used.

Below is the data from the first post on the site, showing the importance of Flash in covering all browsers today as WebRTC is not everywhere, and the growth in Bistri’s WebRTC minutes.  This will be a great resource to track the progress of adoption out in public for everyone to see and use.