Update: apidaze.io, Quobis, and Telestax join the WebRTC pre-conference at the IMS World Forum

Three additional start-ups will be joining the demos at the WebRTC pre-conference at the IMS World Forum, Barcelona, 23-25 April 2013.  Note the focus of the demos is start-ups sharing their experiences in implementing services with WebRTC straight from the developers, not established vendors promoting their equipment and filtered through marketing.

apidaze.io is a cloud communications API for developers providing easy to integrate development tools for building web or mobile communication services, with a special focus on WebRTC. Other services include voice and SMS, phone numbers available for 4,000 cities in 50 countries. The team is composed of a group of dedicated open source telecom people, led by Philippe Sultan.

Philippe is an opensource software enthusiast and contributor. He was formerly maintaining the XMPP related modules in Asterisk, fixed bugs, added new features, and integrated Flash AS3 applications with Asterisk by developing an RTMP channel driver, which along with other opensource components (Red5 and ejabberd), formed the basis of a audio/video conferencing platform at INRIA. He wrote a book on Asterisk : “Asterisk, la téléphonie d’entreprise libre”, with a foreword by Mark Spencer, creator of Asterisk.

Quobis is a privately-held Spanish company. They focus on developing products and consulting services,based on open standards like SIP and WebRTC in emerging unified communication technologies. Their approach to WebRTC is based on QoffeeSIP, a complete opensource Javascript SIP stack that can be used in a website to exploit all the multimedia capabilities of WebRTC technology. Thanks to QoffeeSIP they have developed a corporate WebRTC webphone that can interop with different network devices. This webphone is going to be released at IMS World Forum.

Telestax‘ aim is to remove complexity from the traditional telecom infrastructure and in the process create a new market for innovative communications services built by mainstream developers at a cost and time comparable to building web services.  They offers carrier grade communication products under the TelScale™ brand, based on a core set of open source projects which of course includes WebRTC.  The three founders have an impressive track record in open source telecom software: Ivelin Ivanov, founder of Mobicents.org; Jean Durelle, Mobicents SIP Servlets Founder; and Amit Bhayani.

They combine the best of technology experts and implementation visionaries, and are great people to know.  I look forward to seeing you at the WebRTC pre-conference at the IMS World Forum, and throughout the event as there will be at WebRTC focused half day during the main conference as well.