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The purpose of this CXTech Week 37 newsletter is to highlight, with commentary, some of the news stories in CXTech this week. What is CXTech?  The C stands for Connectivity, Communications, Collaboration, Conversation, Customer; X for Experience because that’s what matters; and Tech because the focus is enablers.

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Customers Choose Flowroute as 2019 Top SIP Trunk Provider

Congratulations to Flowroute on being ranked by customers as the top SIP trunk vendor for 2019 in Eastern Management Group’s “2019 SIP Trunking Customer Satisfaction Report.”

In the report, 29 SIP trunk vendors including AT&T, Twilio and Ring Central, were evaluated by 3,000 IT managers on numerous customer satisfaction measurements and three key categories: product features, vendor experience and customer delight. Flowroute received four stars in nearly all customer satisfaction categories surpassing the industry average in all categories. Eastern Management Group evaluated the data received and performed side-by-side comparisons across all 29 vendors. Its analysis revealed Flowroute as the top-ranked SIP trunk vendor.

I was always impressed at their customer advisory boards on the open and collaborative approach with customers. Frank, no BS, to the point; I learned a lot.


Making a Difference in Healthcare with Toku World

Nice article on the role of SMS in healthcare from Chip Wilcox, Toku World. Highlighting its more than APIs, it’s making it easy for the healthcare provider to add notifications and reminders within their existing systems. Hence why TADHack Global is so important for helping developers  around the word use programmable communications to help make people’s lives better in their local communities, check out🌍🌎🌏-is-only-one-month-away/.

Just one thing, please change your name from a Japanese computer game character’s theme park. Thank you.

HR Robot from Apifonica

A similar example to the Healthcare use case from Apifonica focused on HR. It reminded me of an interview I did with Tropo customer HireIQ back in 2014. Its the solution to the business problem than matters not some generic API.


Bring Your Own Carrier to Twilio: Good Idea or Best Idea?

Great piece from ThinQ that clearly articulates their value, and a lesson to other start-ups trying to go head to head with Twilio. Don’t. Twilio have a modern performant platform, bags of cash, and will be earning $1B+ pa soon. Focus on your core value for your customer, in ThinQ’s case cap and replace of the expensive Twilio. Compete, but where you can win, rather than cheap bragging rights.


Is a dotcom 2.0 bust close? Yes! Why and who can be the next Webvan by Maarten Ectors

Nice article Maarten Ectors. WeWork is the of the likely crunch, even with the lower valuation. Looking at the recent rush of IPOs, this backs up your timing. I think many companies have learned from the previous dotcom busts.

Take Slack as an example, its burning cash, they have loads of competition, not just the artificial one-on-one battle of Slack versus Microsoft Teams. But the tens of other enterprise messaging services like Chatter, Flock, Fleep, Chanty, WaterCooler, jostle, let’s chat,, Matrix, Wire, etc. And enterprise messaging is not a winner takes all like enterprise telephony.

Multiple messaging and collaboration services will be used within one enterprise not just Slack or Microsoft Teams. Their valuation given the above situation is inflated IMO. But they have a load of cash in the bank, like $800M, so could survive a crunch for years. Twilio is still burning cash as voice/SMS still generally terminates with carriers that hey have to pay, but has massive cash on hand thanks to its IPO.

I think this time we’ll see only a few big bursts, rather lots of smaller bursts as investors who were punting for a smaller or regional Twilio or Slack or RingCentral or XTech realize its another 5 years to wait for a return and cut the cord. A few big bursts, and loads of soda pops. Though as its a prediction about the future I could be wrong 🙂

BTW Maarten will be taking part at TADSummit EMEA in the Industry Innovation session, its going to be a unique event!


New TADSummit EMEA presentation on “Innovation in Bringing People Traditionally Disadvantaged in the Job Market into Technical Teams” by Matthew Reynolds, Founder, It’s What’s Next IT.

It’s What’s Next IT focuses on helping people traditionally disadvantaged in the job market to build IT careers. Teams can close their skills gaps by being more open to people from “challenged backgrounds”, e.g. ex-offenders, care leavers, etc. This is an important part of diversity and inclusivity that is often overlooked. Matthew will discuss how we can be more “conviction friendly” as an industry. As TADHack has shown for many years diverse teams win! Matthew Reynolds is also a writer and performer at The Platform Podcast

TADHack Berlin Meetup Group Announced run by Automat Berlin and Vio Networks

TADHack Global is only one month away, 12-13 Oct.

VoIP Innovations sponsors TADHack Global, they’ve been with us since 2014!

hSenidMobile’s eCPaaS resources now available for TADHack Chicago

People, Gossip, and Frivolous Stuff

Congratulation to Jared Porcenaluk who is now a Senior Software Developer at Archer First Response Systems. Jared is also Director at Orlando IoT, Inc., a Florida non-profit dedicated to the support of people who connect things; and a supporter of TADHack-mini Orlando.

Congratulation to Rachael Goodenough who is now the Lead Talent Acquisition Manager @ Telstra Purple, a Telstra division that provides technology services to businesses. Rachael supports TADHack in Australia.

Nice post from David Curran, OpenJaw Technologies, on his Reddit article about temperatures in England since 1878. David will be presenting at TADSummit EMEA in November on “Designing and Deploying Chatbots”. I did a double take when I saw him on Reddit, I went “I know him!”.


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