The Power of Open Source in Telecoms: Mobicents

Open HubOpenHub published a fresh report with metrics on the Mobicents open source projects. Some of the highlights include:

  • Contributors up 85% from previous 12 months
  • Commits up 31% from previous 12 months
  • Code base grew 2x (to 3M lines of code) since Telestax took over in 2011
  • Mobicents codebase is now worth $51M at an average yearly 60K salary
  • 21,323 commits made by 114 contributors representing 2,948,079 lines of code, and is mostly written in Java
  • Mature codebase maintained by a very large development team with increasing year-on-year commits
  • Estimated 849 years of effort (COCOMO (COnstructive COst MOdel) model) starting with its first commit in June, 2003 ending with its most recent commit 5 days ago

In part, Mobicents has to thank Oracle for buying Sun and putting Sailfin on ice. It is an amazing combined effort to see such value being created by over 100 contributors from around the world. You’ll be able to meet the Mobicents community at TADSummit on 17-18 November in Lisbon and at the following RESTConn event on the 19-22 November in Lisbon.

2 thoughts on “The Power of Open Source in Telecoms: Mobicents

  1. Ivelin Ivanov

    Looking forward to a record setting TADSummit.

    Last year I made a prediction that a key theme of this year’s event will be M:N apps to telcos. I expected that we will demonstrate how apps built once are deployed on modern platform into multiple telecoms.

    I was wrong. The theme is shaping up to be as much about telco service providers deploying new apps as it is about IoT companies and enterprises implementing RTC apps on the same kind of open source middleware.

    A big portion of the 82% growth in contributors for Restcomm in the past 12 months came from companies who do not classify themselves as service providers, yet RTC is very important to their business.


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