Bouygues Launch B.Duo

B.Duo Bouygues OpenCloud TADSummitWe covered the trial version of B.Duo last year at TADSummit, yesterday they launched the commercial service. You can see the demo video below, its in French, but the use cases for a second number while keeping your primary number private are clear with a little French flavor 😉

Its great to see a telco innovating with apps directly integrated with the network elements to give a richer functionality than can be exposed through external APIs. Apps in the telecom network have access to capabilities that can add enormous value to a wide range of uses-cases, they are also faster, more reliable and can work ‘in the call’. This will be a focus area within TADSummit 12-13 November Istanbul, sometimes the best user-experience will need an app on the handset, a server on the internet and a little of bit of magic in the telecoms network.

With B.Duo customers a second number without changing your current plan or mobile. For customers who want to meet new people, sell a car online or if they are looking for a job but do not want to give their home number. Customers can for 2 € per month:

  • Receive calls and SMS without giving their personal number;
  • Call or send SMS at any time from your second number; and
  • Manage the second line from an Android, iOS or Facebook application to filter incoming calls, set availability (day / hour), activate the “do not disturb” sending calls directly to a dedicated visual voicemail.
B.Duo Bouygues OpenCloud

B.Duo Experience

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