Why are you holding TADS in Bangkok?

tads-banner-220x130Its a question I’m asked often, “why are you holding TADS (Telecom Application Developer Summit) in Bangkok? Why not London or the Bay Area?”

There are operational and strategic reasons, let me explain.


At the same time as TADS in Bangkok is ITU Telecom World with 7000 of the telecoms industry attending at the same location of the IMPACT Forum. Some the TADS presenters such as Dean Bubley, Martin Geddes, Andy Abramson, and Colin Miles are also presenters at ITU Telecom World. I’ve tried a number of times to engage the ITU Telecom World organizers on cross-marketing ideas such as offering ITU attendees a discount to TADS, but to no reply. So if you’re attending ITU Telecom World you should give serious consideration to attending TADS as service innovation is the key to telecoms’ future and it comes from developers, telecom application developers.

Immediately after TADS is the Mobicents’ global developer summit, which includes TADS presenters such as Normandes José Moreira Junior from Algar Telecom, and many more.


Europe remains a little depressed and its thinking is dominated by the GSMA which continues to tout OneAPI, this demonstrates its out of touch with telecom application developers.  I’ve asked the GSMA to be involved in TADS, but they’re too busy.  North America is over-served by developer events so we’d be lost in the noise. But most importantly, Asia is the center of telecom application innovation, Japan (NFC has been a part of daily life for years), Korea (the phones have broadcast TV for years), Philippines (mobile money), India (strong content portals), Sri Lanka (innovative app stores), China, Singapore, Hong Kong, the list goes on of Asian countries that are leading telecoms innovation. Across Asia, Thailand is an easy to get to location and far cheaper than many other destinations.  Locating TADS in Bangkok is saving you money!

2 thoughts on “Why are you holding TADS in Bangkok?

  1. Patrice Crutel

    Hi Alan,
    I still hope that you would organize once this type of summit in Europe. You could link it to a webRTC Forum which is occuring in Roissy CdG every year. Why not in Poland, Sapin… where there is a lot of developers
    Due to our internal rules (small operator rulles), I would have really like to travel to the TADS Summit
    Unfortunately I couldn’t.
    They are plenty of developers in Europe; And surely plenty of european small operators interested in such event.
    By the way, just for your info, we are starting at Bouygues Telecom a Proof of Concept on webRTC with Quobis (for webRTC) and E/// (for the GW)
    See you at the RCS WF in Berlin perhaps

    Rgds/ Patrice

    1. Alan Quayle Post author

      Hi Patrice,

      I fully agree. We needed to choose a first location, and I think the latest data on the state of Telecom VAS is proving we’re starting in the best region, http://www.telecomtv.com/comspace_newsDetail.aspx?n=50472&id=E9381817-0593-417A-8639-C4C53E2A2A10.

      We have requests for TADSummits in Europe, the Americas, Africa, and more locally in Asia. If we can make this first event a success, I hope we can find a way to bring this unique event to many more places to help build the telecom application developer ecosystem.

      Definitely let’s chat in Berlin. Quobis are presenting at the WebRTC pre-conference workshop I’m running in Berlin, https://alanquayle.com/2013/09/webrtc-workshop-rich-communications/ so you made the right choice there 🙂

      Best Regards,


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