Calliflower, Calltacular, Imprezzio, and MeuTarô are all running on Telecom APIs

Plivo enables web developers and enterprises to easily develop Voice and SMS applications. Plivo delivers the flexibility its customers require by allowing customers to bring their own carrier services and volume pricing models.  Plivo eliminates the complexity from telephony by providing a scalable and feature-rich voice and messaging platform wrapped with flexible Telecom APIs and backed by 24/7 support as standard.

Calliflower is a web and audio conference service for both local and international meetings. Calliflower needed to enhance their service by adding features such as MP3 recordings, interactive chat and calendar integration. Plivo offered a feature-rich platform, scalability and a reliable carrier class service. Plivo’s willingness to allow Calliflower to maintain their carrier contracts was critical.

Calltacular simplifies the processes of call centers with an application that combines customer management and lead management tools allowing their clients to track, learn and understand more about their customers.  After a two-week implementation Calltacular was able to offer their clients not only standard call center features but also enhancements such as CRM integration, order entry, phone number provisioning, call queues and more. Plivo was able to provide them with the building blocks needed to support their complex call center requirements.  Plivo offered volume pricing from the start and no monthly minimums, this decreased their telecom costs by more than 25%. The greatest cost benefit came from reduced development time, allowing Calltacular to get to market faster while burning fewer resources.

Imprezzio helps its Fortune 100 financial and insurance customers with a full-featured, affordable solutions to manage every facet of the customer life-cycle.  Imprezzio is Level-1 PCI certified and security was crucial. Plivo’s use of dedicated servers for all media to met Imprezzio’s security needs. Plivo also stood out with their support being available 24/7 at no additional cost. Within three months of implementation Imprezzio saw tremendous growth going from 5,000 minutes to 500,000 minutes a month.

MeuTarô is a marketplace for astrological consultants. Customers are able to search a database of consultants, purchase minutes and request a call with the desired consultant. As MeuTarô began to grow the VoIP service was becoming difficult and time consuming and customer satisfaction was another key factor; with 50-60% of calls dropping. Using Plivo’s APIs MeuTarô created the workflow processes they needed to simplify their processes, protect the identity of customers from consultants and automate their service. MeuTarô quickly saw results, “Within five months we saw that revenue had increased 10 fold.”

The Telecom API market is moving fast, there is significant sophistication in businesses requirements and business models needed to win Telecom API business.  This is the future of enterprise telephony as it moves from the “main-frame single telephony application” of the PSTN into a “democratized embedded technology” that any business can craft to meet its specific needs.  This is the battle-front telcos need to focus on, not the OTT (Over The Top) fad that has been around for over a decade, remember mobile IM?  This enterprise telephony battle-front will be explored in detail through the Telecom Application Developer Summit (TADS).