What others are Saying About the “The Services Domain. Market Status, Case Studies, Analysis and Recommendations” Report

No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.” John Donne (1572 – 31 March 1631)

In putting together the “The Services Domain. Market Status, Case Studies, Analysis and Recommendations” report, peer review is critical to delivering a quality product, no man is an island.  Below are some quotes from those willing to give their time in reviewing the report:

Lucia Gradinariu
Chief Market Strategist at Huawei
Founder, Principal Consultant at LGG Solutions
“With this report Alan Quayle is finally trailblazing the path for bringing the non-price regulated telecom services into the light of truth about the status, pains, confusions and hopes surrounding this business, debunking the “gold rush” created around Service Delivery Platforms and in network equipment and in IT markets.  His view on the topic rise above that of most market analysts who, probably owing it to no more than our innate confirmation bias, have torn apart the SDP concept as mere elements in the network, SOA IT artifacts and Web oriented components leaving little to be understood about its role in developing new business around non-price regulated services.

In this comprehensive analysis, Alan retraces how the telecom industry can respond to opportunities in addressing new consumer-consumption modes, in radically improving other industries operations and in breaking barriers of traditional social and cultural behaviors by focusing on “Services Domain” with a strategic intent, which is not to be confused with moving to broadband/future networks and improving business agility through IT.  Alan relies on facts, data and industry knowledge as well as his extensive international consulting, training and marketing experience, surfacing the voice of 117 people whom he knows and who work directly or have a stake in this “problem domain”.

This report is the missing strategic guide for telecom industry decision makers who want to:

  1. Understand solution design and best practices for Services Domain through case studies which take into account not only the existing dispersed and distributed assets but also the realities of functions and responsibilities in operator organizations, multi-countries business operations servicing multiple markets, and the need to motivate collaboration in innovation of services and business operations inside and across operator and industry domains.
  2. Engage in “value over volume” strategies by investing in Services Domain as a multi-sided business platform for non-price regulated value added and utility services, to hedge the rate of return from investing in regulated services which is exposed to “forward looking” and “transaction per second” costs of technologies as well as substitution of demand for telecommunication services

Sam Ramji
Director at Open Cloud Initiative
Vice President, Strategy at Apigee
President of the Board at Outercurve Foundation.
“Common sense meets computer science in Alan’s comprehensive wake-up call and guide for telecommunications in the 21st century.  Reminding us constantly that we need to build developer and customer-centric businesses in order to survive in the App Internet, he offers broad grounding in the current telecommunications reality and makes clear what we need to do next.  Ignore this magnum opus at your peril.”

Martin Geddes
Founder at Martin Geddes Consulting Ltd.
“Alan Quayle is the best available guide over the telco services domain, and this Service Domain report is the best available map. Unlike many, he has the practical learning of crossing the terrain repeatedly, rather than second-hand analyst stories. The report lays out in detail the reality of the landscape today, and what is likely to be built on it. It should be high on the reading pile of every strategy and product manager at network operators and their suppliers who wants to venture into the future in safety.”

Jonathan Bell
CMO OpenCloud
Company Director at Dihedra
“Alan has created a unique report that provides the frank, independent analysis the telecommunications industry needs to understand and guide us through the emerging challenges and opportunities we face in remaining relevant to customers as service providers.  It is packed with thought leadership, quantified market analysis, and in-depth case studies that frankly share the hard-won learning for successfully implementing the services domain.  It is particularly useful in that it brings color to the subject with case studies, anecdotes and asides grounded in the reality rather than the hype and hyperbole that is so often the case in our industry.  I strongly recommend you devote the time to reading this report, and make sure your colleagues and especially your management team review the report as well.”

Dinesh Saparamadu
Founder & CEO at hSenid Mobile Soultions
“The “Services Domain. Market Status, Case Studies, Analysis and Recommendations” report is the first analyst report I’ve read that clearly understands the market and provides critical guidance to operators, suppliers and investors on the direction of the telecoms industry, and how to best navigate the changes.  Though, I know Alan would not appreciate being referred to as an analyst, he is really a practitioner in our industry working with operators, suppliers and start-ups at the coal-face.  Helping them build new services and businesses, by using his extensive network of trusted relationships and his deep and expansive knowledge of IT and telecoms.  This report is unique, it captures the inflection point our industry is facing, and clearly shows through many case studies and much straight-to-the-point commentary how we can continue to grow as an industry across developed and developing markets.”

Ivelin Ivanov
Chairman at TeleStax
Investor and advisor at Ringful Health
Founder at Mobicents.org
“The Services Domain report compiled by Alan provides the broadest and deepest review of telecom service innovation I’ve ever seen.  It’s a deeply researched and refreshingly accurate portrayal of the current ‘state of the art.’  The analysis spans strategy, marketing, processes, people, technology, and organizational change; with his unique independent view having worked in operators, suppliers, and start-ups; the report has the deep insight that can only come from being an insider, but critically the analysis has the detachment and frankness that can only be achieved from being independent.  Read it!”