Cloud based Telecom Application Platform from hSenid Mobile at Mobile World Congress

At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona this year hSenid Mobile will be presenting their cloud-based telecom application platform.  I covered this in a number of articles on SDP Asia’s Cloud SDP Workshop and on Cloud SDP.  For many operators this low upfront cost approach enables quick and easy experimenting to find the right recipe given both the characteristics of the operator and market.

Their deployment with Etisalat is sharing 70% of the SMS, MMS, and download revenue with developers, that’s outstanding and is definitely stimulating much interest amongst the local development and business community. The APIs exposed to developers include SMS, MMS, USSD, and charging API. The USSD API is unique and is enabling a range of interesting apps which hSenid Mobile are showcasing at MWC.

Below are the details of hSenid’s location at MWC and some of the sessions they’re running, else contact Dinesh their CEO at to set up a time to meet.