SDP in the Cloud

Interesting innovations regularly come from island nations, for example the first 3G trial on the Isle of Man (where I grew up), from Singapore (Goto Camera), and most recently Sri Lanka with hSenid’s SDP in the Cloud, which was recently released and then deployed with Etisalat – Sri Lanka (formerly known as Celltel & then Tigo) the country’s first cellular network commencing operations in 1989. It is a subsidiary of Etisalat, UAE, a global telecommunications investor with cellular operations in over 18 countries and a subscriber base of over 100 million.

The SDP in the Cloud from hSenid Mobile allows Operators to open their services and capabilities to developers to implement and deploy applications that the operator’s customers can immediately use. Developers are abstracted from the complexities of connecting to the Telco network and its underlying protocols.  Instead they focus on building apps ranging from simple entertainment, information and communication applications, to complex enterpise apps.

Being cloud based means all the software and hardware to implement the online tools for the Developer Community, as well as the SDP to deliver the applications to their customers is available on demand. This removes any barrier to entry an operator could raise about return on investment risk.

Quoting Etisalat’s Chief Executive Officer, Dumindra Ratnayake.  “We are excited about the revolutionary deployment of mChoice™ Aventura, hSenid Mobile’s Cloud Enabled Telco Platform, especially its potential efficiencies and versatility. mChoice™ Aventura’s Mobile Application Developer Portal we believe, will revolutionize the sphere of Mobile Applications by opening opportunities to anybody with even a basic knowledge to develop mobile phone applications to take the industry to greater heights. We are therefore delighted to have been associated with hSenid Mobile, with its dynamic and relevant approach towards the telecom industry.”

Etisalat was able to get the platform up and running in weeks as it does not require an expensive SI (System integrator) to specify, plan, project manage, install, configure and integrate the platform – they simply rent the platform and hSenid manages the integration.

hSenid Mobile, is a multi-national Mobile Software applications company, that provides next generation telco platform consisting of messaging, mobile money, OSS/BSS and core signaling. Along with its cloud enabled telco platform hSenid Mobile offers a comprehensive product portfolio that includes a cloud enabled subscriber created VAS platform, open source app store, end-to-end customer churn management, multi-channel top up, location based services, mobile commerce, and telco reporting.