Vote for Home Camera at the Crunchies

The Crunchies are to technology what the Oscars are to Hollywood.  The awards celebrate the best tech accomplishments of 2009. Voting is now on for the third Crunchies award ceremony on Friday January 8, 2010 at 7:30 pm the Herbst Theater in San Francisco.

I’ve reviewed HomeCamera before in this article.  The HomeCamera webcam security software makes it easy for people to use their webcam for internet home surveillance, office surveillance, and more.  Subscribers in over 180 countries around the world use HomeCamera as nanny cams, to watch over their babies, their young children, elderly grandparents, their vacation homes, dogs, cats, fish (and yes, even hamsters and rabbits!).

Their subscribers use HomeCamera’s built-in motion detection for security cameras, to receive image and video intrusion alerts on their email and mobile phones. Features like automatic recording schedules enable users to see what happened in their home throughout the day, even while they’re on an out-of-town work trip. Business customers use HomeCamera to watch over their factories, their shops, warehouses, and more.

You can follow them on their Facebook fan page.  Some of their customer stories are amazing, they’re making a difference. VOTE HERE for HomeCamera in the best international start-up category, thanks.