IMS Survey and Report

Mind Commerce asked if I’d put together an IMS Status Report. Its an attempt to provide an independent and quantified view of what is happening in the industry.  I’m also including some operator and supplier case studies, presenting as factually as possible the current state of the art; without the hype and marketing spin that has frustrated many people on this topic.

An analogy I’ve used in my interviews is; IMS presents a destination, however, there’s no map on how we get there from where we are today.  I hope this report will provide some insight into the different paths operators are taking to aid operators in defining an appropriate network strategy and to aid suppliers in making appropriate product and sales investment decisions.

I’m currently working through a list of 140 interviews.  I would like to thank all those that have given their time through this process.  I’ve been gladdened by the openness of all, expect Ericsson whose PR group has blocked all my attempts to talk with my many friends in that organization about IMS.  If I’ve not contacted you and you think I should be talking to you please let me know.  I’ve also put this small IMS survey together if all you have is less than 5 minutes.  Click here to take the IMS survey.